"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What do you see?

When my children were small we played a game called "What do you see?" I would choose any item in the house, the park, or the beach. For example, I asked them to look at a chair and describe exactly what they saw. After they gave me a description of it's color and shape I would have them imagine the person who made the chair, what did he or she looked like? Where was the chair made? Spain or England perhaps? How did it get here? The object of the game was to stimulate their imagination and verbal abilities. Not surprisingly, they came up with many extraordinaries stories.

I miss my children's youth for I no longer have an "excuse" to ride the merry-go-round, to have a water fight with the hose, to walk into a puddle and play with mud. Gone are the days when silly stories were invented and told in a jiffy, without stopping to analyze whether or not they made sense. Laughter came easy and giggles as well...

My children have grown and I wonder if we were to play that game again today, what would I hear from them? But I do know what I'd tell them. I'd tell them I want to continue to play "What do you see?", take walks under the rain, bring home a stray cat, or color some crazy drawing that may come to mind. I believe it should never be too late to play the game. We may be surprised with what we find by looking beneath and beyond a chair, door, or lamp. Who knows? We may even find the elusive Childhood Spirit that got lost along the way!

Note: Photo from Weheartit.com

Friday, October 30, 2009


It's been one of those days. I have felt restless wanting to say and do much but couldn't. I held concentration for a brief moment, but it escaped fluttering away into the evening sky.

Note: Photo by Weheartit.com

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seize the day!

I am new to the Blogging World but eager to start my journey aboard The Purple Caravan. I don't know where the road will take me. I just hope you'd want to come along with me.  Please step right on.  We have all we need, blankets, pillows, wine, fruits, fresh cheese and bread. The horses are well fed and rested, the morning is cool and clear. On we go!

We trot along the narrow cobblestone streets still wet from last night's rain. A group of little children are kneeling around a puddle. As we pass by we see tiny colored paper boats floating on the clear water. The children are sailors, the puddle the sea.

We reach a bend on the road and stop for a moment to decide which way to go. Left, right, does it matter? We turn the horses and continue bearing South. Conversation is loud, some of us are singing, others sample the cheese, while others just lay back on the soft plump pillows and watch the clouds.

It's like Nature knew we would come down this way and She had prepared a special welcome.  Hundreds of butterflies sit atop the wildflowers, bees are busy tasting the "Honey Open Bar", the song of birds so perfect and beautiful make us be silent for a long stretch. We are seizing the moment...

We pass by creeks and meadows, the fields aglow with the midday sunshine. We stop and let the horses rest for a while.

 Someone is gathering daisies to make a chain

and soon every queen is wearing a crown

The food is gone, naps are taken on the soft grass. The light is fading and we prepare to leave.

Back we go through the golden fields and meadows and creeks. Stars shine timidly on the light indigo sky.

Someone begins to play a violin. It's a haunting sad tune that fills us with a strange longing. Even the horses slow their pace. Can they feel this too?

We arrive at our small town. The streets are deserted, the children have gone, the tiny colored paper boats sit atop the puddle, now dry.  Nobody speaks. On we go filled with a wonderful and incredible peace. We have seized the day!

Note: Images from Weheartit.com