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Friday, May 28, 2010

A lovely surprise

Well, it's Friday, and for those of us living in the US we are celebrating Memorial Weekend. This is also the official beginning of Summer. Beaches in New Jersey will open and that peculiar wonderful sense of informality provoked by warm, sunny days, will take hold of everyone. Summers are short up here so every minute counts!  

I am getting ready to go visit our Garden Center but before I "bury" myself in the garden I wanted to thank my dear friend Catherine for bestowing upon me the Versatile  Blogger Award.  Thank you Cath! I just love it!!

Catherine is a lovely lady with an incredible talent to capture life with her camera.  Please visit her at Corner's of Cat's Mind and see for yourself.

In order to keep this Award circulating the following rules must be obeyed:

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself.
Rule 3. Pass the Award along to 9 bloggers who you think are fantastic.
Rule 4. Contact Blog Award winners.

So, here it goes, nine things about myself...

1-I get nervous when crossing a bridge.

2-I am shy and my favorite table at a restaurant is the one tucked away in a quiet corner.

3-I am afraid of spiders and snakes. I know, I’m “such” a girl! :0)

4-I don’t care at all for diamonds or gold but LOVE silver and custom jewelry.

5-I own over 100 pairs of earrings most of which are “gypsy looking” you know the kind, loops and beads and dangling things, totally Bohemian. I NEVER leave the house without making sure I have earrings on, I just love them!

6-I hate western movies, well, all except the ones with Clint Eastwood ;)

7-I don’t like opera.

8-I’ve never been to the theater.

9-I seriously wish to own a real gypsy caravan which of course, would have to be purple!

That wasn't too hard, the tricky part is to try and pick only nine out of all my wonderful friends, but rules are rules, right?

1- Mary at Moontides- Mary describes herself as an "urban pagan" and her blog is a very interesting Diary of her daily observations as she tries to survive living in the Big Apple.

2-Tina at Carousel Dreams- Tina is an incredible artist who lives "down under." Her blog is full of magic and great photos of visits to wonderful places.

3-Andi at Andi's English Attic-Andi visits beautiful and interesting places and never fails to make me smile.

4-Paulette at Beedeebabee-Paulette is a sweet super talented lady. Her creations will surely amaze you!

5-Becca at Patina Moon-Becca's Blog is just beautiful (and so are her cats :0) Her photographs are incredible.

6-Natalie at Reading up a Storm-Natalie is an amazing lady who describes herself as "being 81 but feels 18"---How wonderful is that?!

7-Kelly at When Nature Speaks, Do You Listen?-I just recently met Kelly but I truly feel as if I had known her for a long time. If you love Nature you MUST visit her blog. Her photographs are a work of art!

8-Sherrie at A Vintage Affaire-Sherrie is an avid collector and is now busy getting ready her very own workshop.

9-Kiki at Heart of Wizardess-what can I say about Kiki? She is an amazing spirit and her camera is like her "third eye" A visit to her Blog will not be forgotten!

Well, it's done. I hope you all have fun and not feel pressured to do this. No need to explain or apologize if you decide to skip the Award.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend full of magic and peace, and thank you for coloring my world!



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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beauty at hand

Old hands, shaky, frail, tremulous. A book tattered and stained by the passing of the years. Just like an old tree trunk with many knots and carvings, old gnarled hands hold a special beauty. They tell a tale of struggles, hard work and sacrifices. Gone are the softness and luster replaced now by brittle,  freckled skin, and I wonder... are these freckles pages of that tale? Do they represent yesteryear's sunny summer days? Were they caused while pottering round the garden too busy to remember to wear gloves? 

Old hands once so useful now holding a flower. Both so fragile! Past and present together on the road to become the future... a memory...

When I grow older and my hands become shaky and frail, I truly hope that each and every freckle and scar would be there to show I did not mind doing things myself and I did not mind helping others. I want my hands to be an open book for all to see I lived my life to the fullest. 

(This post is dedicated in loving memory to both, my father and grandmother. Their useful hands will always have a special place in my heart) 

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tender rain

Tender drops of rain
sliding down the window pane,
dancing on the flowers,
playing hide and go seek on the grass.

Glistening drops of rain
priceless jewels falling softly on the trees.
Diamonds scattered all over the garden
their magic spread for all to see.

It's tea time, and the ants and the fairies
seek shelter under the lilac bush,
as they lift their tiny cups, I stand still and listen to the rain...

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