"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My dreams my wishes and I

Wishes... loud, quiet, silent.
They come and gather 'round me,
They follow me everywhere I go.
Dear wishes, dear dreams, my constant, faithful companions.

My wishes and dreams are mine and mine alone,
A palpable part of me.
We breath together, my dreams, my wishes and I,
Our bond is strong, unbreakable, lasting.

My heart is a wishing well in which I throw this shiny stones,
Polished by time and desires,
Washed by tears, bathed in laughter...
See them fall, see the ripples...
Wishes and dreams, they gather and follow me.
They jump and cry and sing.

 See their trail, see their glimering sparkles...
My very own fairy dust!
Wishes by day, dreams by night.
A constant flow, a perfect continuation,
The fuel that keeps me moving.
The fire of my hearth.

My wishes and dreams were born when I took that first breath.
They shall die when I exhale the last...

They are mine and we are one.
My dreams... my wishes... and I...

Dear Friend, before you go, please touch the butterfly and let it's magic fill your day XO

Photos by Weheartit.com and Bing Images

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dreaming and wishing

Thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is YES..." (E.E. Cummings)

Wishing everyone a Monday full of positive, happy thoughts.

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