"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dreaming on laundry day

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie)

A lifelong dream of mine has been to live in a "pretty" place. A place full of trees and birdsong. A small little town tucked away far from heavy traffic and the bustle and hustle of the city. In my dreams I see cobblestoned narrow streets, and I can hear my footsteps as I come back from the market, with the smell of fresh bread lingering on my hair.

It's not that my town is "ugly" it's just that it's not my ideal setting. I do have a garden, and even though it's fairly small, I am thankful for the bit of green where I can place my swing, a fountain, and watch the birds splash with joy in the birdbath.  The problem is everyone is too close to one another. I dream to get out to my garden and not be practically on top of a neighbor.

I don't really care about what type of house I'd have, although, a cozy cottatge would not be unwelcome ;) it's the setting I dream about. One can paint the walls, add a room or two, hang a curtain, light a candle, and any house becomes a home, but how can one change the streets? How can one transform the huge modern shops into quaint, cozy ones full of wonderful treasures? It's a far cry indeed!

As the years go by, there are days when I become almost frantic. I want to get there while I'm still young(ish)! Time is running! My biological clock is ticking! I want to move to my dream town soon and while I still have strength to putter around the garden and actually be able to dig and plant! but for now, we are here. I must be patient and not despair. I keep thinking good things come to those who wait.  

In the meantime, my solution is to daydream, to try and block reality as often as I can, and so, this morning while I was hanging the sheets on the clothesline I found myself far away, I was in that special place.  I looked up and my dreams were there, beautiful invisible flags hanging amidst the white sheets...

Photo by Eugenio Recuenco


  1. Another beautifully written post Alina. You have that special gift that sees the beauty in all things and no matter where you are, that will always be with you. Enjoy your daydreams and hopefully one day you will achieve your little piece of heaven on earth.


  2. A wonderful dream indeed and who knows what is round the corner? You must come and live in England, pretty villages, with thatched rooved cottages, flowers, blossoms and duck ponds, you would love it all! X

  3. Hi Alina..you will have that special space one day..let your heart fly out and weave the dream while you wait!

    I moved into my first home a few yeas ago..I am in love with this charming vintage home..I have a dream- space I never had before to have an art/music studio and create...my garden is small but special...the downfall like you...is my neighbours homes are waaay too close and it is hard to enjoy my privacy outside..and I feel crowded at times.

    Perhaps one day I will be able to have both..open space and a sacred space..till then..I appreciate this gift however it is packaged. Like you..i crave another kind of world..old souls usually do!

    Beautifully written post..as always you touch the heart and soul. Magical...I love hearing your thoughts! thanks for sharing your beuaty!

  4. What a wonderful image of cultivating your dreams amidst the daily routines.

  5. Beautiful words, Alina..."I looked up and my dreams were there" - you have such a way of capturing your thoughts and sharing them with us...

  6. I hope your magical dreams sprout wings and become reality for you. Sparkles. xx

  7. So eloquently said Alina~ You have such a way with words. I have confidence that you will realize your dreams one day. Contentment is that elusive butterfly we all seem to contend with. It also seems to be built into the human psyche to desire elbow room. Its certainly in mine.

    For some reason I've recently fallen in love with clotheslines, and your photo captures the romance of en plein air blanchisserie. Perfect for dreaming on~ xxVicki

  8. Reality, unfortunately, never quite lives up to dreams and expectations.

    I still dream about walking on the moon, but I suspect the novelty would wear off rather quickly if I actually managed to do that...

    One of the dreams (or aspirations) that I was fortunate enough to fulfill was to fly on Concorde. That was certainly a good day, but flying at twice the speed of sound was actually rather dull. I've noticed that sometimes it's much better watching from the outside and marvelling at the spectacle. Check out the old clips from the 1950's Farnborough Air Show and you'll see what I mean. The sight of fighters travelling at Mach2 only 50ft above the runway is quite something....

    So wouldn't it be better just to settle for the dream....?

    We can actually make that dream whatever we want it to be, the perfect place rather than a compromise that inevitably accomodates real-world constraints, such as time and money...

    But I suspect that wouldn't be too good either. Its the hope and the aspiration that accompanies the dream, particularly the tangible/feasible ones, that makes it really special...

  9. Hola Alina ,felicidades por tus mágicos ,bonitos y sinceros sueños.
    Ha sido un placer de sensaciones visitarte .
    Un beso .

  10. I wish for you to have all your dreams come true Alina! They will be right around the corner when you least expect it.

    Beautiful post! Warm thoughts, Catherine

  11. I want to thank everyone for sending good wishes and speaking such wise words. You have helped to make me realize I should enjoy the "now" as I wait for the "later" Thanks! :0)


Albert Schweitzer said "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit" I thank you all!