"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Friday, July 22, 2011

Times they are a' changing...

Sweltering heat, wooden floors that feel as if they had a fever. Long lazy days that melt and disappear into glorious golden sunsets. Fireflies that come out and guide my footsteps round the darkened garden paths. The crickets' lullaby, the fluttering of wings, the sound of flowers bursting wide open. The smell of earth after a brief and fierce thunderstorm... I have succumbed. Helpless. Intoxicated. I don't want to move, am afraid to break the spell... 

But the spell has been broken and life as we know it has changed. The last of our children, our sweet daughter Adriana is moving out. We are now part of that group called "The Empty Nesters." As I help her pack, organize, shop, and decide, I can't help but wonder: where has time gone?! Already the house is permeated by that peculiar scent of change, of closing chapters. The spirit of Melancholy hides behind the boxes, playing hide and go seek with Excitement. There's confusion when they collide, bewildered, they stare at each other only to turn around and run again.

I am very happy for her, proud to see her making the right choices. I have  no doubt she and Mitch will be fine together...and yet, she has not even left and I already miss her... our morning chats, our late evening glasses of wine, our silly tears over a movie or a song, our "fighting" over the bathroom mirror :0) Those carefree moments of everyday life when kids still live at home, and while I'm ready for the new special ones to come, I can't help but mourn for those that will stop. This feeling reminds me of  a book I once read (The Other Side of the Fire). My children were still very young and the empty nester years seemed very far away, but even back then these words caught my attention: "Sometimes she wondered whether it was her own childhood she mourned, or the childhood of her children."  Amazing.

I am back until Monday, then I will return to the country. The porch is done except for the floor, which will be painted sometime next week before bringing in some pieces of furniture. I want to keep it simple and just allow the surrounding beauty be the focal point.

Abby knows I'm busy so she keeps a look out for unexpected visitors

 such as this one.

She also lets me know when the Clematis bloom

My dear sweet Abby :0)

The guest room is finished

There's still a lot to do but for now I need to slow down, try to take it all in, re-adjust and go along with the changes.

(Image Source: Weheartit.com)

"We live...for moments...minutes, fractions of an hour...for these intervals are timeless. While they last, we have complete understanding, happiness and strength.  We live in a true sense and we perceive the meaning of life." 
 British Butterflies (an antique butterfly book)

May all your moments be wonderful,