"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Consider the Birds

Consider the birds, and how they sing,
Giving thanks to God, with voices that ring.
Joyful and gracious, they awake to say,
"Thank you Lord for a brand new day"

Why are they so happy and so inspired?
While humans moan, because they're still tired?
What do they know that we haven't got?
We struggle so hard to get out of the cot.

Maybe they know that yesterday is gone,
And new hope begins at the break of dawn.
They are so happy to still have life,
Forgetting yesterday and all it's strife.

They'll soar high and breath fresh air,
Start a new nest or whatever they dare.
Glad for today and ignoring the past,
Chancing the odds, they'll have a blast.

Considering the birds, what have we learned?
Yesterday is gone, so why be concerned?
Look forward to the blessings a new day will bring,
And rise up early and begin to sing.

Poem by  Gary R. Ferris
Photo by Magickalgraphics.com

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guess who's coming to town?!

I am a Christmas baby. No, really. I was born on Christmas Day. In an ideal world my Christmases should  have been double joyful, as it were, my holidays used to be quite sad. My mother chose that particular time of the year to reminisce about her childhood and mourn every relative that had passed away.  I never had a birthday party the reason being it fell on "a too special day, nobody would come" but I always had a cake and many, many gifts.

I never really noticed how bizarre my Christmas-birthdays used to be until I grew up and had a chance to compare it to other people's but by that time I didn't care. I too, got depressed and thought of those "who were no longer with us."

It was only when I met my husband and had my first baby that I discovered the sheer joy and importance of this time of year. It was as if a thick veil had been lifted and I saw light and heard music all around.

Getting the tree, choosing the ornaments, writing letters to Santa, leaving him cookies, singing Christmas carols...I believe I enjoyed it more than my children did! and what a thrill it was to go to the Mall and see him sitting there with his beautiful red suit!

The children have grown and the celebrations are a bit different but I have to confess that on Christmas Eve, when Santa goes around our town sitting atop a Fire Engine, I still rush to the door and wave as he goes by and I still get goosebumps and teary eyed. For a brief  moment, I allow myself to belief everything is beautiful, there is love for everyone and that yes, there is a Santa Claus!

Note- photo from Weheartit.com

Monday, November 16, 2009

Open the windows!

I've got a thing for windows. I imagine them to be the "eyes" of a home. They filter happy rays of sunshine, they let fresh air in,  they keep out the rain and the snow, and when closed, they make us feel safe. The image of someone waiting by a window can be so intriguing! Is the person lonesome, anxious, afraid, sinister?

Children stand by a window to see if reindeers really fly.
 Faithful dogs wait for their loved ones to come home.

It's commonly said: "keep an open mind" but, what about the soul?  The mind serves a purpose, no doubt in that, but the soul, ah! the soul is our very center. What good does it do to keep an open mind when our soul is closed?!

The soul MUST be open and clear, exposed to beauty and light, to things that are positive and clean. Only then can happiness and inner peace be found!

I say, let's open our windows!!! Let's!

Note- Photos from Weheartit.com

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pizza for Four...a short story

She entered the pizza parlor as she usually did every Friday at precisely 7 pm and ordered, as usual, a pizza for four. In the car Ellen King drove carefully. The pizza must look perfect. She pulled in the driveway. Her small little white house looked trimmed and neat nestled amidst the well kept lawn. A soft glow illuminated the parlor window. They were waiting for her! Quickening her steps she opened the front door. Soft music came from the den.

"I'm home!"

Ellen got busy setting the table. The fact that they were just having pizza did not stop her from using her best china. Dinner was special, it was their quality time together. Ellen stood back to get a better look only to realize she had forgotten to buy the fresh flowers. She was mortified. She had to go get them! Standing at the bottom of the stairs she yelled out: "I forgot the flowers! I'll be right back!" In a flash she was out the door.

At the market she hesitated between the roses and the wild flowers. She finally chose the later, they were everbody's favorites.

Back again she let herself into the house, placing the flowers in the vase she took one last look. "There-she thought- it's all perfect now." Taking the silver bell from the cupboard she sounded it softly. Their signal to come and sit at the table. Almost absent mindedly she fixed her hair and straightened her dress.

They sat down quietly. Ellen looked at them and glowed with pride. A sudden rush of happines choked her, bringing tears to her eyes. She felt incredibly lucky to be there in such perfect union with the ones she loved, with the ones that loved her.

Ellen King sat at her elegant table in her small meticulous home. Around her were three empty chairs in front of three plates overflowing with pizza slices. From time to time she'd stop and smile, nodding her graceful  head as they enjoyed a pizza for four.