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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Let's just stop for a moment and truly, REALLY ponder about this. How many of us go through life firmly believing we are totally different from our mothers?  There has not been a woman I have met who hasn't grown up thinking they are night while their mothers are day. Personally, I have had so many differences with my mother I truly believe I could write "the" book on the subject.

Those crazy years of not ever seeing eye to eye, of constant arguments, of terrible guilt, of always wishing myself to be far away have passed, however, I am not going to lie and say "I understand my mother now that I'm older" or attempt to proclaim to be "the bigger person who forgives and forget." No, but I will admit (with utter shock) :) that in spite of all that's been said and done, and in more ways than I care to acknowledge...we "could" be very "similar." I do console myself by thinking that the similarity comes from my having inherited her virtues, not her faults :)

And so, having passed the initial "shock" and in an effort to continue down the road of happiness and embrace only what's clean and simple, I hereby confess that I am a "bit" like my mother and admit (shock, again!)  that all those arguments and disagreements were not in vain, but instead a valuable lesson for me to be a better mother.

Finally, as I enjoy so many precious moments with my lovely daughter I realize that while I cannot "forgive and forget" I can honestly say: Thank you, Mom!

Note- Photo by Weheartit.com


  1. Hi Alina, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. On the subject of mothers, I am lucky to have one that I admire and look up to... which is not to say that I never had arguments or disagreements with her - I sure did. But I totally understand what you are saying. What really comes out is that as we get older and have children of our own, some things become more clear and we understand what we have learned from our own childhoods... hopefully creating better mothers(parents). (: Your baby is the most darling sweetie!!! What a perfect expression to catch with your camera! (: Vicki

  2. Firstly, what a gorgeous baby! I don't say that very often by the way :)

    I shudder to think I'm anything like my mother, but guess most people would disagree. My memories are not happy ones, yet I hope I have inherited her values and good points.

    Excellent post.

  3. Vicki, Wendy, hello! Thanks for your comments, however, please note that's not my baby (I wish it was!) My "baby" is now 23 years old :) I used the photo from a website called weheartit.com. They have awesome pictures. Wendy, I am sure you are a great mom! Remember, just be the best you can :) xx Alina

  4. Alina es un fotografía llena de ternura , mucha ternura, gracia y muy especial, L.

  5. I am also lucky enough to have a great relationship with my mother but even so I would say that I never appreciated her until I had my own children. Nowadays I sometimes find myself getting irritated with her total faith in the rightness of her own view, only to realise that I am just the same!

  6. Hi Elizabethm, so tough to face up to, right? :0)


Albert Schweitzer said "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit" I thank you all!