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Saturday, January 23, 2010


According to the Collins English Dictionary the definition for feelers is as follows:

feeler [ˈfiːlə]
1. a person or thing that feels
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) an organ in certain animals, such as an antenna or tentacle, that is sensitive to touch
3. a remark designed to probe the reactions or intentions of other people

As I’m sure you’ll agree, sometimes the mere use of eyes and ears is not enough to help get the right “feel” of a situation, therefore, and in lieu of antennas or tentacles, humans relie (sometimes) on what’s commonly known as: The Sixth Sense or Common Sense.

Call it what you may, and whether you are a cricket, a lady or a ladybug, a lack of feelers can certainly lead to danger. During a study of “hawk moths” conducted by researchers of the University of Washington, Seattle, it was noticed thatthe Johnston's organs controlled balance by sensing the movements of the antennae, the team removed the ends of antennae from some moths. These moths lost all sense of balance and direction, flying randomly around the test room, sometimes crashing into the walls or the ground. When the antennae were re-attached with superglue, the moths regained the majority of their in-flight agility.” from SECRET OF MOTH FLIGHT DECIPHERED, Friday, 9 February 2007 by Alexander Epstein, Cosmos Online
There you have it! Lack of feelers/antennas=total disaster. As I ponder about this, it seems logical that in addition to loosing their flying ability, moths will also get too close to the fire only to be devoured by the flames.
It's a shame that mankind's Sixth Sense/Common Sense cannot be re-attached with superglue!  Our only way to preserve the health of our feelers is by conducting daily tune-ups and applying large amounts of love, kindness, positive thinking, and laughter. It is very important because, you see, through our invisible antennas the warmth of the sun is more intense, the taste of honey is sweeter, the hug of a friend is warmer, the pain of a loss is more acute, and the red flashing "danger" signs more noticeable.
Remember the moths! Listen to your feelers!

Note: Photo by A2ZKids.com/uk


  1. Hi Alina,
    What a beautiful post. So much truth! I hope everyday to keep my 'feelers' tuned up, with just the very things you have listed here.

  2. It is indeed, a great shame our senses cannot be reattached with superglue. What a wonderful analogy, Alina!

  3. With the risk of sounding sexist, I believe that women's feelers are more often tuned in than men's. It's all to do with that 'cycle of the moon' thing. And the moths, of course. xx

  4. What an inspiring post, Alina. It's so true - our senses can be sharpened by tuning in and applying ourselves to love, kindness, and positive thoughts and actions. Much love. xx

  5. So very true. We need to stop and listen to our feelers just like the moths, which incidentally are so much more interesting than butterflies - although I love them too of course!

    Jeanne x


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