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Monday, March 1, 2010

"Dear March-Come In-"

Dear March -- Come in --
How glad I am --
I hoped for you before --

Put down your Hat --
You must have walked --
How out of Breath you are --

Dear March, Come right up the stairs with me --
I have so much to tell --

From a poem by Emily Dickinson
Photo by Bing Images


  1. That is quite sweet.
    Happy March Alina! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Winter is over. Spring has sprung. Once the early morning frost/mist had cleared it was a beautiful day here...

  3. Fits the picture so beautifully, and the season. March is definitely arriving here.

  4. Perfect image and thought for the day, and I agree! Its about time the spring steps in. (:

  5. Spring has arrived here today - not sure for low long though!

    Lovely poem and the image is very sweet.

    Happy new month Alina.

    Jeanne x

  6. So THAT is why March is so windy! I always wondered!

  7. It's me again. I just went and had a look around your blog and ... right to my heart! I can't say anything else, it's just that lovely to me.

    Thank you, Katy Noelle

    P.S. I've been painting my kitchen and trying to figure out what music would wing me on my way. I kept thinking of Mozart and then rejecting the idea. It's the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack! Brilliant! Thanks very much - I needed that.

  8. Happy New Month everyone! I can't wait till we all have something to share about our gardens and blue skies xx

    Katy, thank you, and welcome. I have just visited your Blog and I must say, you're a lady after my own heart, I mean, you actually "like" muddy roads and fog! We are going to be great friends :0)


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