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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Wishes

I believe that most of us think about Death with similar trepidations. What is really there after we cross that gate? Is there really life after Death? Would we all see the bright light so many have professed to have seen? My father, with his corky sense of humor used to tell me: “The other world has got to be really great. Everyone must like it because nobody ever comes back.” In spite of incredible scientific advances Death continues to be an enigma, the ultimate mystery, the final closing of a door which can’t be re-opened.

This Easter Sunday I will not go to church but I will take comfort in God's word and celebrate His promise of resurrection. The thought of seeing my father again fills me with great joy. I hope that someday the gate will open and he will be standing there waiting to greet me, and he will smile and say: “Just like I thought, it IS really great here!”

On Easter Day, may you have a happy heart full of hope, and may you find comfort in the promise for a better life that's yet to come.


  1. Oh how lovely my dear. You have given me goose bump's. I will love to see those beyond the gate also. What a comfort Jesus is.
    Peaceful Easter to you.
    Love ya,Debbie

  2. Dear Alina,

    What a lovely place this girl is in - by a cool and pleasant, wide open, beautiful gate! Thank you for sharing your beautiful reminiscences and ruminations.

    I'm still in the middle of Easter week and wonder if people will still be around on Saturday afternoon to wish "happy Easter" to. If I don't, "see" you before, I hope that you have a peaceful and renewing celebration.

    Love, Katy

  3. I am reading The Lovely Bones at the moment which is both disturbing and comforting. I truly believe that in my times of distress, I have felt the presence of my grandmother and the comfort of 'the other side'. Science might try to find a logical answer, but it can't answer the simple truth that faith is as personal as your very soul and unexplainable. xx

  4. I don't fear death. I fear the pain that is sometimes associated with it...

    I also think that we really do experience the sensation of being consumed by a white light.

    I experienced something like that starting one night a few months ago, when I was asleep. It was most unusual, not like any dream. It progressed a little way, then I seemed to pull out of it and awoke, realising my heart-rate was slow and irregular...

    I've no idea whether there's life after death or not, guess I'll find out one day. Just hope I go peacefully in my sleep: that seemed OK...

    The bigger question that I have is why is my conciousness trapped in this particular body at this particular point in time and space.

    Why am I me...?

  5. Magical wishes and magical sensation filled wors.
    A greeting.

  6. Happy Easter, Alina!:)
    I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.
    Lovely words about your father.
    Many blessings and wishes.

    P.S. I have also left you a message on your tree post!

  7. Debbie,
    Thank you for stopping by and for sharing the faith xx

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter Day! xx

    I read the book and saw the movie (which was very beautiful) Faith is a wonderful thing and so is the power of love xx

    That experience must have been quite disturbing even though it wasn't painful! Yours is a very profound question indeed, and just like death itself, one without an answer. For now, I say, let us enjoy "this" life while it lasts, what do you think?

    Hi Loli,
    Thank you for your visit. Happy Spring! xx

    Dear Jo,
    Always a pleasure to hear from you! Hope your days are filled with warm breezes and much love xxxx

  8. Lovely picture. Hope you enjoyed your Easter.


Albert Schweitzer said "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit" I thank you all!