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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A brand new look

Hello everyone! Yes, it's me, you are aboard the Purple Caravan :0) Hope you like the new look! I really did not plan it, I was just visiting my friend Paulette at Beedeebabee and noticed her Blog had been re-designed by Karen Valentine. I liked it so much I decided to contact Karen who in just three days was able to not only understand what I wanted, but was also able to create it, and install it all for me! I did not have to do anything! If you are looking for a change in your Blog's appearance you will not be disappointed by Karen. She is talented, friendly, and what's best, she listens!  I hope you will visit her at Valentine Design.  Thank you Karen! 

On another note, I've been enjoying four consecutive days without severe allergies.   After numerous visits to the doctor and many changes in medications I can finally sleep all night and look "human" (no puffy, watery, itchy eyes, no runny nose, etc., etc.) Needles to say, I am very HAPPY!  This total feeling of joy reminds me of something I once read :"It is amazing how much crisper the general experience of life becomes when your body is given a chance to develop a little strength" (Frank Duff) So true!

Hope everyone is having a great week. Please don't forget to stop a while and just BE!

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  1. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

    It's so you, Alina :)

  2. Love, love, love...it's beautiful Alina! And I'm so glad you are feeling better x

  3. ¡ Qué preciosidad de diseño y muy de tu estilo !

    Beautiful, wonderful..!!!! XX

  4. I love the new look... your blog is always so gorgeous. It's like the blog equivilant to rolling in silk and eating chocolate icecream... (without trying to sound mad as a hatter it seems I've managed to anyway... hmmm)
    Long may the health and happiness last.
    Nellie x

  5. I am loving the new look ~ so comforting and inviting! I'm happy that you have had a few days of being allergy free ~ allergies are not fun I know! I have terrible allergies to mould and to scented fragrance. Somedays the headaches are unbearable!

    I will for sure go check out Karen's site.

    Have a Happy Day Alina!
    xo Catherine

  6. Ooooh Alina...it's just perfect! Karen did such a beautiful job! Your banner is just gorgeous and so are all the little goodies as well...BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I'm happy you're feeling some relief from those dreadful allergies. I hope you continue to feel better sweetie. Have a great day! xo Paulette ;)

  7. Hooray! I'm so glad that you're feeling better - oh, I just totally know what you're talking about!!!

    I liked the old page but love this one, too. I appreciate how well your images stand out (both on this one and the old) and the background is a lovely complement. I still need to do something about my banner.

    You know, my Nana was a beauty queen in the '20s in New York. They had a lot of wealth (lost in the depression) and lived in a large gingerbread mansion with servants and cars and monkeys. I don't really know what part of that has funneled down into who I am. What is really fun about it, though, is that my Nana and her sister (Tanta Lucille) had a dance studio. We have piles and piles of pictures of them in the most wonderful costumes, just like the ones that you show us so often. I love it! One of these days, I'll get my hands on them and share them on the blog.

    Love, Me xo

    P.S. re: Our very first comments about ice cream and nuts...my thought was, indedy, nutty "ice cream" for sure! =] You are right!

  8. Hi Alina, thanks for visiting my blog and your insightful thoughts on my mother. I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. I love your blog and will visit often!

  9. Alina, so glad to hear you are feeling better! Love the beautiful new look on your blog!

  10. So glad you have the allergies tamed. Very pretty new look. xx

  11. I absolutely love this new look! Definitely captures the spirit of your lovely blog.
    Have a most delightful day!

  12. I'm glad everyone liked the new look :0) I want to thank ALL OF YOU, lovely, lovely ladies for making my days such much brighter with your comments and good wishes. It really means a lot to me! XXXX

    Nellie, "mad as a hatter" is the best way to be :0 xx

    Katy, you must write about your Nana. I have a "thing" for the 20's and it's incredible fashion!xx

    Laurie, hello and welcome! Hope things are running a bit smoother on your side of the fence :0)

    Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. Enjoy! XXX

  13. Love your new blog look, Alina! Beautiful and welcoming. xx

  14. Your new look is certainly a great advert for her. I really like it.

  15. Hi Alina!
    yes..oh yes..i do love your new look, the whole vibe and energy to it all..magnificent!
    Yay..I am happy you are feeling sparkly..keep shining!!
    Hope you are having a sunshiny day full of magic aboard your purple caravan!


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