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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lazy, hazy days of Summer...

"Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
You'll wish that summer could always be here..."

Dear everyone, just wanted to give a brief update on my latest adventures. I've been spending a few days at The Purple Caravan. The renovations have been put on hold for a while, since my husband (the contractor) is too busy at the moment. In the meantime, I have tried to add a few touches. Nothing fancy or complicated, just enough to make the place feel cozier...

and hopefully, very romantic...

As much as I want to start the renovation, I am grateful to be able to have a chance and enjoy our surroundings before we embark in the project. Going for long walks, coming back to have a glass of chilled white wine and enjoy the company of good friends are more than enough reasons to want Summer to last forever.

There is incredible beauty in every corner...

 Sometimes I come face to face with this handsome fellow

He walks right past me... two wandering travelers on a lonely road...

There is a pond nearby, it's surface covered by thick algae is a perfect place for a tired dragonfly to stop and rest it's wings. I spend long hours watching, amazed by the life that lurks right below the surface...

Around a bend I find this table covered with soft green moss...

The weeping willow stands quietly by the lake...poetry comes to mind...

I walk around unhurried, and find that every road I take leads me home...

Before I go back, here's a wish that your Summer may also be full of magic, peace, and light. Thank you SO much for your lovely comments. They brighten up my world! 


  1. What a beautiful place to live. Magical.

  2. Alina!! Oh my gosh..i have entered a sparkling dream..the photos are enchanting..your space is GORGEOUS..your spirit shines through..what a magical world..thanks for sharing this newest piece of your adventure...ENJOY..i so look forward to more!
    And thankyou for visiting..and please no worries..dont ever feel like you have to comment on all my posts( hugs) I so appreciate your magical spirit always!
    YAY..this post was spellbinding beauty and dreamy..I am so happy you were given the gift of the purple caravan and all your dreams came true!! Blessings!

  3. Beautiful! Love the weeping willow. My grandmother had one in her front yard. I love how it looks by the lake.

  4. Alina! It is truly a wonderland! So lush and green and alive! And I love all your special little touches...a lovely walk, a glass of vino and friends...does it get any better than this? So very happy for you darling x

  5. Oh Alina! Your photos are just breathtaking! How lucky you are to have a special place in the middle of all this beauty! I think your caravan is looking just charming! xo Paulette

  6. Hi Alina, thanks for stopping by, we must have been thinking alike as I just saw your new thumbnail and was heading over for a visit. I was wondering where you have been, glad you are enjoying your new place before you began renovations. It looks so peaceful and green there! I love the table with the moss. Beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I'll be here when you return!

  7. Absolutely delightful! Thankyou for your kind comment over at my Blog, today I leave Railway cottage forever. I am m very excited to start this new phase in our lives.
    I shall look forward to following your progress as you renovate your cabin and I start on my little house! love from England

  8. what beautiful photos.... I could do with a few days in a place like that, need some calm space. Ciao

  9. Look at your little piece of paradise! Oh my ~ you must just be enjoying your time there so much ~ it is truly beautiful! The trees are gorgeous and how wonderful to live so close to the water. Enjoy the rest of August Alina!

    xo Catherine

  10. Alina, your purple caravan space is looking so lovely and magical even without renovations! Isn't is a blessing to make calm beautiful spaces to go walking in, the moss covered table is amazing. enjoy x

  11. I don't see as many weeping willows any more. The one you show is perfect beside that pond.

  12. What a beautiful and serene place! I could just sit here and vast in God's beauty all day...
    Very nice Alina! and Thanks for everything you said on my blog...always nice to have a friend in Blog Land! Smiles...

  13. Dear Alina,

    I am sorry that I am so often late in coming to your posts. Most of the time, I blog when I am exhausted - it's a restful thing to do. If I see a post from you, though, I wait until I'm more awake. =]

    Wow! What a difference a few touches make!
    It's fun, at the outset, in a new place because, no matter what it looks like, it feels like camping - if you know what I mean. I am so pleased that you've had this time for solitude and for friends. I'm so happy for you!

    Love, Kate xo

  14. Just look what you have gone and done on my blog break - you have acquired your very own Purple Caravan!! I'm so happy for your Alina - I know how much being in the countryside means to you and you will doubtless spend many a happy and contented weekend in such glorious and peaceful surroundings.

    Thank you for your lovely comments during my blog break. Monday poem IS there (if you haven't seen it already of course).

    I hope to be blogging on a more regular basis from now on but having said that, I'm busy with work again today. C'est la vie!!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  15. What a lovely place! Thanks for sharing these photos. Enjoy summer!

  16. Hola Querida Alina, què hermoso lugar tienes y què romántica estàs dejando tu casa, todo es bello tanto adentro como afuera. Que disfrutes mucho más aún este hermoso lugar!!!
    muchos cariños,
    maria cecilia

  17. What a peaceful and enchanting getaway, Alina. Indeed, you have most definitely graced your abode with charm and romance ...
    What wild feline is that you have befriended? He looks magnificent! Is it not amazing the peace one receives from such exquisite seclusion such as this? :)
    Wishing you a beautiful week and may the earth be light under your foot paths ...


  19. Relajante y absolutamente encantador, como no podía ser de otro modo . Un lugar en el que "imantarse" de energía positiva y buena onda, donde se respira paz , armonía y equilibrio.

    Es siempre un regalo para los sentidos dejarse caer por aquí...

    Una sonrisa y un beso, Alina

  20. A lovely place sorrounded by Nature... and you have done a wonderful job romanticizing your home... love the curtains and flowery pillows... very pretty...

    Un abrazo


  21. It's looking beautifully cozy and romantic, and the green green world outside is just gorgeous!


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