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Sunday, September 19, 2010

And they call it puppy love...

"You made me love you... I didn't want to do it... I didn't want to do it..."

My dear, dear friends, before I thank you all for your lovely comments, before I even put down my bags, before I catch my breath and visit each and everyone of you, let me introduce you to ABBY!

It's Sunday night, we've just returned from the Purple Caravan with something more special than just great memories. We have brought back this good, sweet friend. Abby is 9 weeks old, she is a Jack Russell Terrier and I have to say, I absolutely love her! This love is totally new since I never had a dog before, in fact, up till now, I had considered myself a "cat woman" and while my love for felines has not died, I must admit, this puppy love has totally swept me off my feet.  My world has been turned upside down, caring for and training this sweet (but willful) little girl has taken me through so many wonderful and fun venues I have not had a chance to get a grip. These past two weeks are a blur. A mixture of feedings, walks, laughter, kisses, baths (Abby loves to dig :0) long naps, and this new sense of joy that makes my heart sing everytime I look at those sweet brown eyes...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer. I will be sure to visit you and catch up on what I've missed but now I must go and join Abby. All this excitement has left us very tired. Good night, it's great to be back! 


  1. Oh welcome back Alina, and welcome little Abby, you are soooo cute! I can't wait to hear more about your antics and fun. Hope you're rested from your time away...missed your posts!

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! You, too????? A little sleepless but very happy - that's what I've been feeling for months, now! They're so adoring and adorable and into everything and FUNNY! I'm so happy for you!!!!

    I'm, also, glad that your "back"! =]

    Love, Me xo

  3. Sweet little Abby!! How adorable ~ how could you resist indeed! Cute cute cute. We look forward to many photos of that sweet little girl.

    Welcome home dearest Alina!
    xo Catherine

  4. Oh Alina! How precious Abby is. Just the cutest little girl. Good luck with your new sweetie. Give her a kiss on the nose for me! xo Paulette

  5. Yay Alina...congrats on your newest family member...how adorable ..what a sweet little soul! Enjoy all the new sparkles and advntures Abby brings to your life! Enjoy!

  6. what a fabby picture.. melts your hear. Your life will never be the same, dogs train you quicker than you can train them!!!! Abby will bring you joy unconfined.... so proud of you. Ciao xxx

  7. What a sweet new friend! I am so happy you found her. Welcome back and have a most delightful day!

  8. LOL my Husband was a cat person too. We wore him down and ended up with 2 dogs who he sppoils rotten. Your girl is just adorable!

  9. Dear Alina, welcome back from your holidays bringing that sweet Abby... you are going to love her even more. I have 11 puppies that were born August 9 and really I´m looking for loving home for them.
    maria cecilia

  10. So very good to see you back happy and refreshed from your summer at the Purple Caravan Alina. And just look at what you've brought back - Abby looks delightful! Jack Russell Terriers are the sweetest dogs and wonderful companions.

    Thank you for taking the time to pop over to mine for a catch up. I just want to say that if you're looking for the Monday Poems from now on, you will find them (and more hopefully) on my new blog. The link is at the top right hand corner of my blog. I want to try and import all the previous poems on to this blog, if I can figure out the technology that is! I hope you like it - perhaps you could tell me what you think?x


  11. Oh, Abby is precious! I can see why it would have been so difficult to turn away ... There is nothing more beautiful than the pure and tentative love we receive from our furry-footed one's, for they give so unconditionally. I too am a lover of felines, however that last picture has me crooning for puppy love! :)

    Welcome home, Alina!

  12. Aw, she's gorgeous. Missing my puppy love and delighted to share yours.

  13. Hi Alina...thanks for your sparkling visit..and your beautiful words!! HUgs and Happy Autumn..wishing you much magic and joy and blessings to your newest family member!

  14. PRECIOUS! I added you to my blog roll! I hope that is ok...love your blog!!

  15. Oh wow, what a cutie! :-)
    I love Jack Russell's and Abby is a little star! She is adorable. I can totally understand how you feel about her!
    Ziggy had a JR friend who lived next door, called Mini. She used to visit us and play with Zig. They were so funny together. Jack Russell's have such a fun loving nature and are full of mischief! ;-)
    I'm pleased that I stopped by today to see little Abby.
    Love to you both and have many magical moments together!



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