"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My dreams my wishes and I

Wishes... loud, quiet, silent.
They come and gather 'round me,
They follow me everywhere I go.
Dear wishes, dear dreams, my constant, faithful companions.

My wishes and dreams are mine and mine alone,
A palpable part of me.
We breath together, my dreams, my wishes and I,
Our bond is strong, unbreakable, lasting.

My heart is a wishing well in which I throw this shiny stones,
Polished by time and desires,
Washed by tears, bathed in laughter...
See them fall, see the ripples...
Wishes and dreams, they gather and follow me.
They jump and cry and sing.

 See their trail, see their glimering sparkles...
My very own fairy dust!
Wishes by day, dreams by night.
A constant flow, a perfect continuation,
The fuel that keeps me moving.
The fire of my hearth.

My wishes and dreams were born when I took that first breath.
They shall die when I exhale the last...

They are mine and we are one.
My dreams... my wishes... and I...

Dear Friend, before you go, please touch the butterfly and let it's magic fill your day XO

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  1. This was so beautiful. Very moving and calming at the end of a rather dreadful day. Thank you. Your blog is always a nice place to visit.

  2. Alina... a gorgeous gorgeous post..your words brillianr and inspiring and full of magic! AWESOME!! HUgs!

  3. Dreams and desires and many peace for the spirit in calmness...Very pretty words and images.
    Thank you. XX

  4. Beautiful words and pics, Alina...where would I be without my dreams and wishes?

  5. So very lovely just magical.
    The music also.

  6. Wishing you sweet dreams tonight Alina!
    xo Catherine

  7. Magic words Alina. You write the words I feel but don't know quite how to put on "paper." I touched the butterfly and magic has definitely filled my day~ xxVicki

  8. Alina, This is a really beautiful poem and images. A very inspiring post. Life would be so boring without dreams and wishes. I think it is good to have a long wish list in life!:)
    Thank you for your good wishes on my post.;)
    I have found a new place to live, so I now have to pack up my belongings and head off in my gypsy caravan, to another village.
    Love and bright wishes to you!

  9. That was very beautiful to read and brought a tear to my eye as my Dad passed away in January and for some reason I thought of him as I was reading it, thankyouxxxxxxx

  10. Mary, glad to have you come and rest here after a hectic day xo

    Kiki, as always, thank you for such lovely comments xo

    Abril, you are right, dreams, desires and dreams bring us peace. Thank you! XO

    Carousel Dreams, you certainly are a dreamer, it's "written" all over your Blog :0)

    Hello Dottie, and thank you. I've just visited your Blog and your post about the chics made me smile. Thank you!

    Catherine, thank you. I will be checking on you later and see how the game is going :0) XO

    Vicki, for some silly reason I got teary eyed when I read you touched the butterfly :0) Hope the magic lingers! xo

    My dear Jo, glad to hear you are all ready to move on your gypsy caravan. I will follow you wherever you go! XO

    Karen,I lost my father 11 years ago and I still shed tears at unexpected times, but these are valuable tears, they are proof of a deep and special love, don't you think? Hope you have a beautiful weekend xo

  11. As ever, beautiful words and images at the end of what has been a tiring and eventful day XX

  12. Beautiful pictures and words. Gives life to wishing.

  13. Dear Alina,

    What a beautiful post. Wonderful words! These images..... they will be with me when i close my eyes tonight - all day! The only problem is that, the only dream that I can think of right now is cleaning my bedroom and making the mountain of laundry disappear. It's very dear to my heart, though. Does it count, do you think? It's the dream of a peaceful and (somewhat) orderly house. It's a good one!

    I am, now, going to go upstairs and roll up my princess sleeves and get going. The sleeves will be my "spoon full of sugar"! When another, long term, dreamy dream invades my heart and mind again, I am going to come back and enjoy this post in a completely different way!

    Love to you, Katy xo

  14. You never fail to inspire, Alina, with your beautiful posts. They are always filled with magic and wisdom. Such a pleasure to visit. Bright wishes to you. xx

  15. Beautiful words, beautiful post Alina...always so soothing to my soul. Thank you for sharing. Have a relaxing weekend.

  16. dear alina, such a magical collection of images, and beautiful words too, where would we be without wishes, dreams & hopes x x blessings to you x

  17. Hi Alina...just poppin in to say hello and wishing you a very shiny and colorful and sparkle-filled day!!

    And ..also thankyou..your words always dazzle me..and cast sparkles to my day ..thankyou so much!
    I love this post..everytime i look at it I smile ..magical!

  18. Hi, Alina! I was just in the corner of Cat's mind. I left part of a comment, stretched, filled in my word verification and - blip - realized that I hadn't finished or even signed my name. Then, when I finished leaving another comment, I saw that you had been there at the very same time AND I have been thinking of you, today. I think of you, often, but, today, there were two posts that I thought you would love. Do you know the blog, "To Wonderland with Love"? She had a very atmospheric post, today. Also, "Countrydays" had a post about a hen house that is like a gypsy caravan. It's hysterically amazing!

    Hmmm, if you wanted to see it, both are in my list of blogs that I follow on my profile page.

    Lovely whimsy!

    Katy xo

  19. Amazingly powerful. I cried. Today, I hurt. This helped release some of the pain.

    Thank you. Thank you so very much.....


  20. Kath, Sheila, thank you lovely ladies. Always so very nice to see you drop by! XO

    Dear Katy, of course it counts! A clean, tidy castle is a must for every princess! As usual, you make me smile :0) Thank you for your compliments and for the tips on those other Blogs. I will check on them asap. Have a great day! XO (I also think of you often, especially when I see the photo of your bunny rabbit on my desktop, so adorable! It never gets old!)

    Carol, I've just left your magical place and as usual, I'm transported to other lands. Thank you for visiting and thank you for sharing your great imagination XO

    Becca, Ruthie, Kiki, thank you all for the heartfelt comments. They mean so much! XO

    Nan, sorry to hear you're hurting. Wish I could help! May all your troubles go away soon! XO


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