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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Every now and then...

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"Just once or twice there's a feeling of something
Not yet done with, an intensity that remains..."
(Greg Hill)

I'd like to share something that happened this weekend. Georgina, my friend, is a lovely lady who usually gives the impression of being a "bit dreamy and spacey."  She had not been over for a long time thus she was eager to see our basement remodel.  I was showing her around when she suddenly said: "I don't want to scare you, but there's someone here." I should have been puzzled but I wasn't, for some reason Georgina's words made sense. They were a confirmation to certain feelings and unexplained sensations.

Only in this house have I felt as if someone was standing behind me. Only in this house have I heard doors closing by themselves. Only in this house I've felt strangely uneasy. My daughter also feels this way and she refuses to stay here alone at night.

It all started right after we moved. A strange incident here, another one there. I became curious as to the history of the house and talked to the oldest neighbor, Rita, who told me the previous owner was very sick and had actually died here. She did not ridicule my uneasiness and reassured me if what I felt was indeed his  ghost, I had nothing to worry about because "he really was a nice man." 

Moving was totally out of  the question so I learned to cope and tried to ignore the feelings with one mission in mind: spread good, positive vibes and hope that whoever or whatever was here would realize we meant no harm. After a while all activity stopped. I was able to do the dishes without that odd feeling of having someone be right behind me, and I even felt comfortable to roam about after everyone was asleep. My daughter's fears subsided, though not completely.

Lately, the calm has been disrupted when Abby has jumped out of my arms barking frantically, hairs on her neck and back standing up, growling and looking intensely at an empty corner in the room. This behaviour is strange, she is a loving, sweet, and extremely friendly puppy. Whatever she sees makes her very anxious and upset and while I can't see it, I know it's quite real to her. I was glad when my husband could witness one of these incidents. However, he insisted she might have heard a noise (we both know there was none)

Whatever the reason, and at the risk of sounding superstitious, ridiculous, or foolish I know we share our home with something or someone. I can't explain it logically nor prove it, nevertheless, it's as real to me as the sunshine on my window.

Life must go on, it's business as usual. Today I went and bought fresh flowers, played soft music, and baked blueberry muffins.  Surrounding our home with beauty, peace, and harmony is the only way I can feel safe and be at ease.


  1. Hi Alina..thanks for sharing your powerful story..pretty amzing isn't it! yes your Abby is a sensitive ..as are both you and your daughter! We are never alone..there are beings everywhere... it can feel strange at first but most often there is nothing to fear, the spirit realm is beautiful and visitors mean no harm! other times someone may have an important story to tell and is reaching out strongly ...and you sense it. You will know in time! Perhaps they already belong to the house or land and you both had to get used to living with one another! Wonderful validation for you with your friend Georgina!awesome!

    wow..beautiful day you describe..flowers..music and muffins...wish i could stop by ha ha that'd be fun!
    Beautiful post as always...thanks for sharing such intriguing experiences..hugs
    Have a beautiful day.
    PS: I always love the music here.,..I wanna stay forever! magical!

  2. A fascinating story Alina. Thanks for sharing it.

    My Mum sometimes tells me that her dogs stand by the door waiting for me to arrive almost at the exact moment that I leave home, without her saying anything to them. Sure enough, five minutes later I arrive and they are delighted to see me. How on earth did they know, Mum and I wonder..

    Animals certainly do seem to have a sixth sense, able to detect things that we can't. There are plenty of other examples around the world.

    As you rightly say though, there's nothing really to be worried about.

    Perhaps this "presence" is your Guardian Angel...?

  3. Hi, great to see your post. Fascinating story, one I can certainly identify with. We've someone sharing our home as well. My cat has always been able to see her. From the time we moved in, she will stop whatever she is doing to stare at an invisible something. I say 'her' because sometimes at night I get a whiff of feminine perfume. She's been very calm and willing to share the house, but it wasn't always that way.

    At first, she gave us a hard time. We have 3 radios in the home...a clock radio in the bedroom, a stereo system in the living room, and my sons had their own system. Each night at about 2 am one of these radios would go on...blasting. Never knew which one it would be. It went on and on for several weeks, but then stopped. I think when she saw we were not going to harm anything, she stopped. I haven't been able to find any history on the house.

  4. Not silly at all...the stories I could tell you! If this presence is bothering you and making you feel uneasy, perhaps you could just ask it kindly to leave? Kiki is right, you know, you are a sensitive - I think maybe that is how we all 'met' here, no?

  5. its not silly Alina..... my Grandmother (who was very religious) had an experience the day her brother died. She wasnt a fanciful sort and i believe it. It sounds like a kindly visitor. Poor Abby, bet she got a shock. Anyway, just think kind positive thoughts and I'm sure all will be well. Hugs xxx

  6. Alina: I understand too. It seems so many things that I make in my art and my crafts have to do with protection and navigation to avoid upsetting this space, or maybe, like you, keeping me strong and peaceful in my space. I have been this way always. As your daughter, as so as you must have been also. So, you have become this beautiful person you have become because of this ability, this sensitivity. Stay strong and peaceful. Brianne

  7. Neat story. Wishing you well, and Abby.

  8. Hello Alina!

    What a thought-provoking post. Many cultures have a time to remember those who have passed away before us. It's a time to thank them for the things they did in their lives, paving the way for us. And also to make offerings of things that they enjoyed in this life. and to ask them for protection. it's a celebration and not scary.

    I'm sure you are blessed and protected...

    I am honoring you with a blog award. But you already know that!

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Dearest Alina,
    I am so glad you shared your experience ... I so BELIEVE!! For I too have observed many spectacular sightings and felt sensations that are beyond explanation. Most of those presences have been gentle but I have encountered a few that were very dark. Perhaps yours just wants to be noticed, whomever it is has just never wanted to move past the past. I know this might sound silly, but sometime, just tell this entity that they are welcome to stay but you all have to live together peacefully. Perhaps that will calm their being a bit. Both you and Abby will feel less of their presence.

    Indeed, you just might have a protector amidst your household. :)

  10. Hi Alina..thankyou for all your beautiful comments..they always brighten my world and i so appreciate your friendship.

    and back to this post..oh yes i totally understand..i grew up as a child-sensitive and went through many challenging journeys..some wonderful and enlightening and some very hard and lonely..the world is more open now..but it was different to grow up being aware of everything..as an adult I am at peace and celebrate this side of my nature with unconditional love and with a deep respect for all things seen and unseen..the invisible world is real and there is much beauty, wisdom and gifts in it too. You are not silly at all..just very in-tune and you can always trust what you sense ...and always do what feels right for you and your situation.
    Blessings and hugs always ..you are a special soul!


  11. Alina could you please email me oliveappleby@gmail.com with your address... I have a little gift to send you. hugs xxxxx

  12. I think animals and wee children can see and hear things we can not. As we get older we get too 'sensible' to pay attention. Very interesting!

    xo Catherine


Albert Schweitzer said "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit" I thank you all!