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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bedtime wishes

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It's bedtime, the quiet, silent hour when the house finally settles. The shimmering fairy lights guide my way as I make my "rounds" to make sure everything is right.

One last cup of tea, plumping a cushion on the sofa, making sure all candles are out, running a warm, bubbly bath. These rituals, performed almost absentmindedly comfort and reassure me. They are the very essence of being home and fill my heart with peace.

I love to open a window and look up to the sky, whisper a prayer, make a wish or two, and listen to the beat of my own heart. Worries are shed as the peaceful darkness wraps around me like a soft, magical Mantra, and I feel a Divine presence stand right by my side...

Love and light always,

PS. Been back since Thursday but have been suffering with SEVERE allergies. I've missed you all and can't wait to visit and catch up on your latest news. Progress on the screened porch has been made, will be sharing Before and After photos quite soon. Here's a sneak preview of one of the doors :0)



  1. Hi Alina! This was such a peaceful post to read right before I was going to sleep, thank you! I've been wondering about you...glad you are well, and I look forward to seeing more photos of your new covered patio.

  2. Nice to see you back. Hope you are fully recovered now. I've missed you...!

  3. Beautiful Alina...I felt like I was sharing your bedtime ritual - so peaceful and lovely. Thankyou for your lovely words at my blog, and may I just say how much I adore that door? Can't wait to see more my friend across the ocean xxx

  4. oh Alina I do hope you are getting better.....yes evening is a great time, these days I do enjoy the quiet before heading up the stairs. I absolutely adore your screen, it is going to be a magical place, I can tell. take care, my friend. hugs xxx

  5. ps.... you are missed, your words are magical. xxx

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  7. This is a very lovely post... I know exactly what you mean about bedtime rituals. You sound very similar to me Alina. I love my home comforts too!
    Unfortunately we will be moving again soon for the summer. I hope we will find a beautiful fairy nest like your home. The porch is looking good by the way. I will return here to see it completed!
    If you like, hop back over to my blog again and see the new post I have created. There are a few ghosts there! ;-)
    Have a wonderful week.
    May blessings and best wishes.
    Jo. xx

  8. So happy to hear from you Alina, I am so looking forward to seeing the pics of your cabin xx

  9. Hello, Alina. I have missed your posts. I, too, love my home rituals, however small they may be. There is an honor in being the "keeper" or "protector" of the home, so to say, by doing the small mantras as we go about our daily meanderings. I love that you recognize this and honor them! I look forward to seeing the porch grow - just in time for Summer. Peace. Brianne

  10. Beautiful post Alina! So sorry about your allergies ~ I know them well! :(
    xo Catherine

  11. Dearest Alina,
    What a fabulously written post ... oh, I how relish those daily and nightly routines. They do bring a closing to the day and a quietness to the heart and soul, do they not?

    Love the bright purple and pink screen door on the Caravan. I firmly believe that a unique front door adds unfathomable whimsy! I am still contemplating ours! :))) Love all your images!

  12. Yay Alina...what a poetess you are ...i love your magical words and how you weaved them all with such beauty!! Gorgeous gorgeous photos...love the fairy shadow silhouette...stunning...and such beautiful images to admire..lovely!! Yay..congrats on the progress of the porch/door...fantastic!!
    Thanks for this magical healing post...beautiful! And thankyou for your lovely visits and kind words!

  13. Thank you all! My day is always brighter after your visits and comments. XO


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