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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cape Cod Magic

My first visit to Cape Cod and am still under it's spell. Stayed at a friend's cozy beach cottage for five wonderful days. We had light rain for two days then sunshine. It was warm enough for us to take off our shoes and walk along the beach enjoying the company of hundreds of seagulls. We walked, went for long rides, ate great food, did a bit of shopping, visited museums, then we'd rush home before nightfall to watch the most incredible sunsets ever! At night we'd light the fire (yes, there was a REAL fireplace) and enjoyed a nice glass of wine. Perfect endings to perfect days!



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  2. Hi Alina,
    At last a chance to leave you a message. I have been away for Halloween, so I thought I would follow you first and leave you a message later...
    Good to meet you... Your visit to Cape Cod sounds wonderful. I like how you can really relax near the sea. I miss living near the coast.
    Best wishes Jo.

    P.S. Thanks for following. I will visit you again!

  3. Hello Alina ~ So lovely to meet you! Thank you for the encouraging message that you left on my blog. I'm following you now (in the nicest possible way!) and I'm looking forward to your posts. So glad you enjoyed a wonderful break in Cape Cod. Perfect days! x

  4. Hello Joanne May,
    It is great to meet you too! Hope you had an exciting Halloween and was able to feel it's magic. I shall visit your incredible blog often. You see, I too have a special spot in my heart for mice and whimsy ^___^
    Have a beautiful day.

  5. Hello Carol Anne,
    Thank you so much for answering and especially for wanting to follow me! I hope we can have great times aboard my "Caravan" :)
    I will follow your magical blog in search of dreams and inspiration.
    Have a beautiful day.


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