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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guess who's coming to town?!

I am a Christmas baby. No, really. I was born on Christmas Day. In an ideal world my Christmases should  have been double joyful, as it were, my holidays used to be quite sad. My mother chose that particular time of the year to reminisce about her childhood and mourn every relative that had passed away.  I never had a birthday party the reason being it fell on "a too special day, nobody would come" but I always had a cake and many, many gifts.

I never really noticed how bizarre my Christmas-birthdays used to be until I grew up and had a chance to compare it to other people's but by that time I didn't care. I too, got depressed and thought of those "who were no longer with us."

It was only when I met my husband and had my first baby that I discovered the sheer joy and importance of this time of year. It was as if a thick veil had been lifted and I saw light and heard music all around.

Getting the tree, choosing the ornaments, writing letters to Santa, leaving him cookies, singing Christmas carols...I believe I enjoyed it more than my children did! and what a thrill it was to go to the Mall and see him sitting there with his beautiful red suit!

The children have grown and the celebrations are a bit different but I have to confess that on Christmas Eve, when Santa goes around our town sitting atop a Fire Engine, I still rush to the door and wave as he goes by and I still get goosebumps and teary eyed. For a brief  moment, I allow myself to belief everything is beautiful, there is love for everyone and that yes, there is a Santa Claus!

Note- photo from Weheartit.com


  1. Hi there!
    Bella says 'thankyou for the compliment',and for popping in.Do call again.

    Bellaboo x

  2. So glad that you've been able to find the magic, Alina. xx

  3. This coming season is Birthday time around our place... My youngest son was born on Christmas day... best christmas present we ever got!!!
    my 3 grandchildren were born 3 days before (girl) christmas and 3 days after christmas(twin boys).. my daughter is very busy... my mother is born 2 days after Christmas... .

    it is a real celebration!!!

  4. My best friend at school celebrated her birthday on Christmas day also. I always felt sorry for her as she had nothing to look forward to during the year.

    I am almost certain (now many years have passed) she is delighted. After all, when we're older we try to forget about birthdays and how many years have gone before and concentrate on the 'now'.

    Good post :)


  5. Hello Quillfeather! You are so right, let us concentrate on the present! xx

  6. Hi Alina

    Thank you so much for popping into my blog and for your lovely comments. I thought I'd return the favour and drop in on you! I'm so pleased you found the spirit of Christmas, you see it's never too late. Perhaps you could award yourself an honorary Birthday in the Summer time - our Queen has two birthdays so why not you?

    Will pop by again...


  7. Alina, it is indeed a magical time of year, and i too imagine that the world is full of love & beautiful things. So happy that you have found the magic x ruthie


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