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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pizza for Four...a short story

She entered the pizza parlor as she usually did every Friday at precisely 7 pm and ordered, as usual, a pizza for four. In the car Ellen King drove carefully. The pizza must look perfect. She pulled in the driveway. Her small little white house looked trimmed and neat nestled amidst the well kept lawn. A soft glow illuminated the parlor window. They were waiting for her! Quickening her steps she opened the front door. Soft music came from the den.

"I'm home!"

Ellen got busy setting the table. The fact that they were just having pizza did not stop her from using her best china. Dinner was special, it was their quality time together. Ellen stood back to get a better look only to realize she had forgotten to buy the fresh flowers. She was mortified. She had to go get them! Standing at the bottom of the stairs she yelled out: "I forgot the flowers! I'll be right back!" In a flash she was out the door.

At the market she hesitated between the roses and the wild flowers. She finally chose the later, they were everbody's favorites.

Back again she let herself into the house, placing the flowers in the vase she took one last look. "There-she thought- it's all perfect now." Taking the silver bell from the cupboard she sounded it softly. Their signal to come and sit at the table. Almost absent mindedly she fixed her hair and straightened her dress.

They sat down quietly. Ellen looked at them and glowed with pride. A sudden rush of happines choked her, bringing tears to her eyes. She felt incredibly lucky to be there in such perfect union with the ones she loved, with the ones that loved her.

Ellen King sat at her elegant table in her small meticulous home. Around her were three empty chairs in front of three plates overflowing with pizza slices. From time to time she'd stop and smile, nodding her graceful  head as they enjoyed a pizza for four.


  1. What a delightful well written story. Touching and thought-provoking.

    Good stuff :)

  2. Quillfeather, thank you for your encouraging comments. They are ever more special coming from you!


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