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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tiny treasures

My daughter is a "list maker" kind of girl. Unlike her mother, she actually follows the lists she makes, while I, well, I forget to read them, never mind follow them :) Anyway, she wanted to start her holiday shopping early so we went to our most favorite store: Anthropology. Visiting that place is entering a magical, incredible world. I actually feel overwhelmed by all there is to see. So, there we were, trying to stay focused when I spotted the most incredible salt & pepper shakers tucked away in a corner inside a beautiful cabinet! Regardles the fact that I do not need another set, once they were in my hand, I HAD to get them!

Then, to make my day even more special, I discovered what I believe is, a condiment set!

 I was mesmerized by the spoon.

Having breakfast this morning made me feel like I was Alice in Wonderland. How fun it was to spread marmalade on the muffin as my dear husband smiled shaking his head!

I seem to be drawn to tiny treasures and they abound throughout my home.  Inside cabinets...

On the side server...

Hanging from lamps...

On chairs...

Atop a candle...

This coming season has a certain "pull" that makes people want to go above and beyond, to be extravagant and "large." It's an effort that makes us tired and stressed. An effort that does not allow us to truly enjoy and capture what it all really means. I say, I'm keeping my holidays simple. I will give gifts with meaning instead of a pricey tag, I will not be pulled into this insane competition. Hopefully, the tiny treasures I'll give to those I hold dear will bring them the same joy they bring me.

May you  always find beauty in small things...


  1. I so love tiny treasures and you've found some wonderful examples here, Alina. I so agree with you about finding beauty in small things and appreciating simple pleasures for the holidays. Wishing you much happiness. xx

  2. Love it! I could spend hours at your house rummaging around in corners, lifting little trinkets for closer inspection and admiring treasures.

    Beautiful :)

  3. Peculiar y encantador tu blog, Alina. Y precioso nombre además

    Te "linko" desde casa, de verdad que me apetece venir a verte; tu casita tiene mucho encanto

    Un abrazo

  4. Alina, i too love small wonders, and anthropology things wonderful. We too are keeping things simple & this year especially, making many gifts. I think it is so sad that so many get pulled into the mad rush & forget the real meanings of the season. x

  5. Carol Anne, Quillfeather, Ruthie, I am so glad we all share love for simple things :0) Your comments brighten my day! xxx

  6. Hola Femme,
    Gracias y espero verte por aqui muy pronto!
    Un abrazo x


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