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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ivy Days

I have a strange passion for Ivy. It's right up there with my love for roses, hydrangeas, peonies and full moons. I'd love to wrap my shoulders with Ivy tendrils, let them cascade down my back. Ivy is Nature's own Spanish Mantilla.

I love the smell of Ivy, the shape of the leaves

I love the way it wraps around abandoned homes


 and fountains, as if to say, "don't worry, don't be lonely, I'm here even when no one else is..."

A simple iron gate becomes a work of art adorned with Ivy garlands

Ivy covered walls become mysterious partitions behind which fairies hide

Ivy makes a cottage window as elegant as one in a castle

Snow covered Ivy is an everlasting green blanket that provides shelter and warmth

I want Ivy on my tombstone. I want my name outlined by tender fragile leaves...

Photos by Weheartit.com and Bing Images


  1. The ivy in your photos looks wonderful. In the right place it's very attractive. Unfortunately I battle with it in my garden. We have so much it threatens everything else growing there.
    I had an aunt Ivy who died when I was six. She was very special. xx

  2. I am an Ivy-kindred..right with you!I am transfixed on this beauty too. I LOVE all the photos..gorgeous gorgeous! Awesome post!
    Ivy is a symbl of enduring strentgh..and far outlives the trees it grows upon!!..so i have always loved that!
    Once I lived in place..and there was Ivy growing up the side of the house in the garden..I was SO thrilled( as i regard it as a power-symbol) it was th first thing I noticed moving there.

    One day..a neighbour..thought she was doing me a favor..and she was in my garden pulling it all out. I shrieked..that she would do such a thing. and she was very negative telling me it was destructive etc..I asked her to leave my garden and never touch my Ivy again!
    Can you believe that?

    So I LOVED this post...thankyou for creating it.

  3. Hi Andi, yes I know Ivy can be a bit "wilful" :0) but it's worth the trouble, don't you think? xxx

    Kiki, you and I are kindred spirits for sure :0) I also have a neighbor who can't understand why I have an entire section in my garden just for Ivy and has offered to help me pull it out. She also can't understand why I haven't cut down my two very old oak trees...can you imagine? It's always such a pleasure to have you stop by! xxx

  4. I'm so pleased you love Ivy, so do I! I have several, my favourite is "Jester", which is shaped just like a jesters hat.

  5. Ivy always does evoke that fun sense of hiddeness, and that it's hiding something old and established and full of history. Both on a large scale and a small one, it can hide buildings and tiny things that were accidently dropped in it when I was a child. Where DID those things go?

    I can't quite remember now what it means in the language of flowers. Is it "faithfulness"? My best friend gave me a piece of dried ivy from her bridal bouquet for my birthday a year after her wedding! It breathed something magical about our friendship - something that doesn't have words.

    Again, I get to say, "thanks for the lovely post!"

    Katy xo

  6. Ivy really is such a lovely plant. It makes me think of cottages and old garden gates. I love to have a few different kinds of ivy growing in-between my potted plants. I wish I could grow it in my garden but sadly our weather is not fit for ivy to stay growing!

    Wonderful post!

  7. Kath, I have never heard of "Jester" but I will be on the look out for it. Thank you! xxx

    Katy, you are so right, words would not be necessary. Your friend's lovely gift said it all. Nice! xxx

    Cath, that's exactly what I love about Ivy, the feelings it evokes, so romantic! You may want to try different types, I'm sure there's got to be one suitable for your garden xxx

  8. Alina, beautiful photos, i too love ivy, the way it creeps slowly over man made things 7 turns them into a living sculpture. i even used it in the design on my wedding invitations, it stood for marriage & fidelity.

  9. What gorgeous ivy pictures you've gathered. I have to confess, I frequently end up cutting back the ivy in order to keep the steps passable in the yard, but I do like it.

  10. Ruthie, I'm not at all surprised, such a romantic heart as yours must love Ivy as well :0) Great to hear from you! xxx

    Sheila, I also cut mine back but as little as possible :) I like to imagine myself a princess in an Ivy covered castle...

  11. Qué curioso, a mi me sucede parecido, me vuelven loca las trepadoras, concretamente las hiedras, tanto la que se pone roja como la que no. Esa forma envolvente y generosa que tienen de tapizar las zonas más fecuchas de los muros o los troncos secos .

    Qué blog más curioso tienes, Alina, me encanta. Me gustan los temas y las imágenes. Es realmente mágico


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