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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Morning Light

"This morning, that spring morning light,
something special, magical, the low dim, soft light
illumining the treetops, the nascent buds, the flowers
translucent, glowing a cherry red, burnt orange highlights
a warming sun, not yet hot, awaking the forest, the woods
just off the highway, still visible into the thin groves
before the summer leaves block the view
the spring morning light, washing through,
more than filtered light, shining spotlight still
down to the forest floor, all the woods awash, bathed
in that wondrous spring morning light"

I wish everyone a season full of magic. May the glorious light of Spring be full of joy and peace. May all your dreams blossom just like wild flowers in the fields.

Photo by Weheartit.com
Poem by Raymond A. Foss


  1. How lovely this is! Happy Spring to you as well!!

  2. Lovely! with rain here in England, it will be wonderful to dream of blossoms like the wild flowers in the fields.Blessings.

  3. Magical blessings to you, Alina. Embrace spring's teasing heart. Love & light. xx

  4. Hi Alina..beautiful post...Yay..thankyou..and same to you..wishing you much joy and magic always!! Happy Spring!!I am happy I found your blog..and look forwrad to it everyday..it adds a spark to my life!

  5. Beautiful post, and a Happy Spring to you too Alina ~Vicki

  6. Beautiful Alina - there is something very special about the light of a spring morning and this poem sums it up perfectly. We've had a lovely day here too! Happy springtime!

    Jeanne x

    PS Sorry to hear about your flood - hope all is well now.

  7. Alina, I love visiting here to marinate in your beautiful words...you have such a gift x (we are enjoying autumn here in Oz, my favourite season)

  8. I love how this capture's the not-quite-thereness of spring - filled with possibilities.

  9. Thank you everyone for visiting and leaving such kind words! xxxx

  10. Hello Alina, just passing through, enjoying your writing and your photos....hope you are well...gringo...


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