"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Saturday, May 1, 2010

On this first day of May

May has arrived in full glory.

There is a sense of urgency everywhere.

The birds, Nature’s messengers are quite busy,

What with building a nest, what with singing new songs.

There are sounds in the air.

I can hear the crackling of new buds as they open.

The hissing sound of new grass cutting through the warm soil to say hello to the sunshine.

It’s a wondrous feeling,

Which leaves no room for other thoughts.

I dare to venture outside, who cares if I sneeze or itch or cough!

I am out here and I, too, celebrate.

Welcome May!

Note:- I seem to be having problems with my Blog (again) please let me know if you can see all my photos from previous posts. There are so many missing! I get a blank space with a red x on the left hand corner of where the photo used to be. Apparently, Blogger has decided to "improve" their system and have messed up a lot of Blogs. Is there anyone else having problems?

Photo by Armstreet.com


  1. Dear Alina, your prose is always so incredibly beautiful and, LOOK, a princess!!!!

    The whole of your beautiful blog is here for me to see. I have had this problem before but it wasn't more than 12 hours and it was fixed. I hope the same for you. Actually, I've seen great improvement in how my blog and making new posts is working. Hope the same for you!

    Love, Me

    P.S. That is so funny that you are using the bunny whiskers as a screen saver. This rabbit cracks me up all of the time - I'm so glad that, for once, I could catch it! The first time you told me that you loved rabbits, too, it didn't even phase me. It seemed like, "Of course!" =]

  2. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I see you are from Northern New Jersey. That is where I am originally from. Talk about coincidences.

  3. Yay...Happy May....beautiful post! Wishing you many blessings of May and all your loved ones too!
    Have a happy day!
    PS: I havent noticed any probs yet..I'll let you know if I do.

  4. Beautiful May post! It seems funny to be reading about new growth and beginnings when downunder everything is going to sleep in readiness for winter...I love this time of year though - Autumn with its changing leaves and crisp cool days...enjoy. (ps. haven't noticed anything untoward with your blog x)

  5. she looks like someone from a Waterhouse painting, so fresh, spring like. Just like yesterday was....... have a great month. Ciao

  6. Blessings at Beltane! Kath x

  7. What a beautiful image and post. Bright Beltane wishes, Alina.xx
    PS ... I can see all your posts and images ok. All seems to be fine. :)

  8. Katy, of course I like rabbits :0) especially yours! XX

    Mary, welcome! It's a small world, isn't? XX

    Thank you, lovely ladies for your sweet comments! XX

    It's so strange nobody can see the missing photos, I have had to upload several because I kept on seeing that red X (am I seeing things?! I wonder! :0) Thanks for the help xx


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