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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh Fields

A lifelong dream of mine was to own a small shop. In this shop there'd be soft music, scented candlelight, fresh flowers, pretty little trinkets, a place to enjoy a cup of tea and escape the ordinary. My dream never happened. As a consequence, I have been "restless" and have tried to channel my energy into other fields. I make believe my home is the shop I never was able to have and I keep busy. I get a thrill whenever I find some discarded treasure I could transform. There are times in my life when I am completely covered with paint for days and days. Then there are other times when I am sewing day and night. I used to watch a British comedy called  Fresh Fields.  Hester, the main character, was always trying new hobbies and ways to improve her life. Hester and I have a lot in common!  I want to share with you some of the "Fresh Fields" I have explored.

Meet Betty!

  I created Berry Mice when my daughter was two years old. You can read the whole story here

This is Lili

I made Lili's dress and handbag using discarded garments, beads, buttons, lace and all kinds of trims 

And of course, there had to be a witch for Halloween!

Then, I went from mice to funny ladies...

To altered art on canvas...

on wine bottles...

From wine bottles to jewelry making... 

I also tried and made heart shaped pillows...

Then came gift tags made of paper or felt...                       

I have tried crazy quilting (I will show photos of that on another post) embroidery, knitting, and so much more. My studio is in my basement and when the Muse calls me there will be an explosion of beads, lace, fabric, paints, and all those wonderful things that would add a touch of magic and whimsey to everyday things.

So, the shop never happened and I am still living too close to the big city with no immediate plans to move to a quiet, romantic place but... being a dreamer always helps :0) 

A couple of things before I go. A message for Katy at In the Sunny Spot

Dear Katy, I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and that your fields will always be fresh and full of magic. Happy Birthday my friend! Here goes a big hug! XO

My friend Lovey from Fabric Photo Memories  has invited me to join her in a Beautiful Eye Candy & Artist Encouragement celebration. So here it is! Lovey, I am joining you! Thank you for asking!

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for being part of my world. My fields are much brighter eversince our paths have crossed!



  1. I don't have any words, really, to go with my reaction. Silly me! I'm crying and laughing! I think that I have more than a smile on my face...I am so sorry that you can't see my face or hear the tone of my voice....

    big breath or two....

    Your "crafts" are more than spectacular. I try and try to be crafty but just don't have the knack. I DID, however, move to VT to open a gift shop and tea room out of the very same desire that you've articulated here. Then I had babies and both would cry at the same time and I knew which one to answer. Now, I dream of a shop again but, in its absence, vent on my home - just like you do.

    I have to say, also, I've seen those adorable mice before. They look like they have lives!

    Thank you, Alina!!!!!!!!! I just wasn't expecting that. I'm going to go float away, now. (I'm folding laundry - again!).

    Hugs and kisses to you, sweet gypsy heart!

    Katy xxo

  2. What a talented lady you are! and so versatile too. I particularly like your altered art. You would love the shops in Glastonbury, they are exactly as you describe and full of fairies, crystals, swirly clothes and pretty things.
    I hope you will got your dream shop one day, it will be a glorious place.

  3. Alina..oh my gosh.you are so super-talented! What gorgeous treasures and enchating creations..I LOVE them all!! HUgs...amazing and beautiful! What joy, magic and beuaty shines in your work!

    I always wished I had a store too..can i have mine next to yours? we could break for lunch!I would love to visit your shop..and have tea!

    You are such an enchanted soul Alina! I had spotted your blog long ago..and was always shy to join..( i was new to blogland) I am so glad i did..you have inspired my world in every post you create! THANKYOU!
    PS: I just experienecd a tremor here where I live..it was kinda scarey..so this was a nice way of calming, re-aligning and centering in joy again..thankyou!(hugs)

  4. You do beautiful work. You are so very talented. I wish I could do work even half as beautiful

  5. Alina your work speaks beauty! May all your dreams become real...and your art continue to inspire us all...you are a gem! I'm thrilled you linked up my friend! I love what you are doing and your love for beauty makes me proud to have you in my Blog Land Circle of Friends!

  6. Alina,
    Gorgeous, gorgeous creations! I too, want to have a little boutique filled with beautiful art and things and nice music and wonderful scents. I too, do not have one and am using my home to fill that desire. Thanks for letting me get a glimpse of your "shop"! All the very best!

  7. Oh my goodness gracious! You are amazing! Alina, those wine bottles are simply breathtaking, how clever you are! Please, can I have my shop alongside you and Kiki? I will bake some cupcakes for us to share over morning tea...hmmm.

  8. SO, SO talented! I am just in awe of the beauty & variety! Your gypsy heart speaks right through every piece! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Gosh you are so talented ~ perhaps keep doing what you are doing ~ creating what you want to create and a store might come about ~ or perhaps your quiet romantic place. As long as you have dreams ~ there is so much to do ~ right?

    Have a wonderful evening Alina!
    xo Catherine

  10. Yay..sounds good..Alina..Kiki and the Carousel Dreams Shop all in a row! I'm in!!
    It exists somewhere!

  11. Hola Alina, your creations are explisions of so good energy!!!! Great to be here watching your work, such beauties are Betty and Lili, adorable!!!!
    maria cecilia

  12. Alina, your creations are *enchanting* I would love to share a cup of tea with Miss Lili, and give her a hug too! everything here has a magical spirit. thanks for the smiles, here is a smile for you too! :D

  13. Sweet Alina,
    Your dreams are never beyond you. You are so talented! Your ideas for a shop are marvelous. And those wine bottles... are gorgeous!

  14. What fabulous things you have created!!! They are gorgeous!xxx

  15. Hi Alina..thanks for the lovely note..!!Again..your creations are brilliant, inspiring and beauutiful! Pure magic...

  16. Your work is whimsical and fantasiful and oh so beautiful. I also like your accompanying soundtrack to the blog. A delightful place to stop to collect one's thoughts.

  17. What a fabulous post, Alina, and your creative work is just magical. I love the sound of your shop; it would be a very special place. xx

  18. Ooooh Alina!!! You have many talents my sweet friend! Your creations are so beautiful and I'm so glad you showed us these treasures! I hope some day you'll get your shop to fill with your lovely artwork, candles and flowers...what a special place that would be...and hopefully it will be near Long Island, so I can come in and visit often! (I'm a Britcom fan too!) Keep creating sweetie, you're things are just wonderful! xoxo Paulette :)

  19. What a lovely blog you have. Your images are delightful, and it is evident that your thoughts and creations make you an amazing person. I love Lili. She makes me happy. I am going to look around more on your blog and see if you sell Lili's. I am following you, so watch yourself!!

  20. Meet you has been a pleasure...Your blog is as a travel with out the end ,all is beautiful and marvellous


  22. Such wonderful creativity here Alina - I hope that one day your dream comes true!

    Thank you for reminding me of Fresh Fields!


  23. Dearest Alina,

    Heavens to Betsy!! You are quite the creative artist!! You have so much talent and so much heart. I know one day your creations will be seen and loved by others. I wish you that and so much more..including the romantic place of your dreams. You are truly inspiring.


  24. dear alina, it is a joy to see all the beautiful creations you have made, the shop you dream of sounds such a dear place.

  25. mi más sincero aplauso, Alina, están llenos de imaginación y arte!!!!

    Y tal y como te dicen: muy versátil, aunque mágica todas las veces. Desprendes "buena onda" ( good vibrations, como decís por allí)

    No puedo por menos que hacer una ovación cerrada y decir:


    son alucinantes! ^____________^



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