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Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer!

The Big Day has arrived and here at the Purple Caravan everyone is celebrating...but it all started last night when I walked through the garden gate...

I was thrilled to note the fireflies had arrived (unfortunately, my camera was not able to "capture" them) I can't describe the feeling I get every Summer when I step into the garden at dusk and see them. It feels me with such joy! There is a such a sense of magic in their tiny lights! They are early this Summer (they usually come around the Fourth of July week) 

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The fireflies are here, they have arrived just in time to celebrate the Solstice and make my day even more special!

I stood under the archway...

and listened to the sound of the water (this cherub was found by my husband abandoned in an empty lot. It was part of an old fountain that had been discarded so I improvised and came up with my own)

I just love the old world feel it lends to this little corner of my garden!

Everyone went to sleep early anticipating the Big Day...

Then this morning there was a riot of color and joy outside my door

Every bloom...


Every lovely thing came to celebrate...

In the back garden I stumbled upon this little fellow full of mischief and happy thoughts

A fairy with flowers in her hair...

Sitting atop the table, resting her wings...

My fairy friends are calling...I will take off my shoes and join them...we will have tea, share secrets and laughter...

Wishing everyone a Summer full of magic, sunlight, and love!

I am joining Kiki at Awake with Charm and Spirit in this celebration. Please stop by and visit her wonderful world !



  1. summer is arrived...and a lovely time was had by all!

  2. Hi again Alina..Oh my gosh..thanks for sharing my link..you are so generous and sweet! Much appeciation!! Hugs!
    thankyou for such a beautiful celebration..you are amazing!I am so dazzled by this series..your photos are magical!

  3. Hi Alina..I dont know if my first comment made it through( I see my second one did)!! so here goes..

    WOW...super wow...your post is absolutely shining with such beauty and magic of this special day..!!(hugs)

    Happy Summer Solstice to you...your photos are dazzling and full of so much power and magic..such a gorgeous series Alina...i love all your blooms and your statues..your decor...and your words are so wonderful...this is such an inspiring post!

    Yay..that was fun....I am super inspired and this has been magical! I so enjoyed this!! your space is beautiful..thanks for sharing your magic and light...truly a gift!

    Enjoy the day..i am off to celebrate some more! Wishing you many sunkissed-blessings!!
    I hope it is ok to add your post ot my next one!
    Have a happy day!!

  4. A beautiful way of giving him the welcome to the summer. A magic garden Alina !
    All the best for the summer...light and magic !!

  5. You have such a beautiful garden, just looking makes me feel the magic that lives there!! You have also inspired me to get cracking on mine as it is a little neglected with so much to renovate indoors. But when the sun is shining I have to be outside and abandon the indoors.Thankyou for your inspiration, I love reading your posts so much!xx

  6. Your garden is so magical Alina~ Thank you for sharing it, and for sharing Kiki's blog. I was just over there and love her ideas for celebrating the day. We have fog this morning, so I'm waiting for our bright star to come out and warm my little bit of earth.

    I love fireflies~ We don't have them here... so wish we did tho. I used to visit my grandmother (she lived in Ohio)when we visited her, and looked forward to sitting on the porch with her in the evenings... it was magical~ I miss her so much when memories like these are triggered (lost her a year and a half ago), but I celebrate the years I had with her.

    Thank you for inspiring me yet again. (: xxVicki

  7. I'm really enjoying your garden pictures Alina. It looks so colourful with the 'pings' of colour from your artful paintwork enhancing all the detail. Wonderful!

    Happy Summer days dear friend!


  8. Psssst! Alina, it's me, katy, but, you didn't know I was here, okay? I just want to say "Happy Summer!" to you, too. I am, also, trying to figure out how to take a photo of fireflies! They mean my birthday is almost here! shhhhhhhh!

  9. I'm jumping up and down! Super magical post...all your pics are so lovely! And here's me, freezing down here...when I took Abby to school this morning it was 2degrees celcius!!!!! Freezing, I tell ya! So it's lovely to visit your magical, colourful garden x Happy Summer Solstice from your winter friend.

  10. Your garden is so beautiful Alina! When the rain stops for a few minutes, I can't even be outside due to all the mosquitoes. I wish we could get some nice weather ~ bug free ~ so that I can enjoy my garden ~ until then ~ thank you for sharing yours with me friend! :)

    xo Catherine

  11. I love your angels and fairies Alina! I also love fireflies. This is a lovely visit to your garden. I love what you wrote yesterday, for Father's Day. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful person. Blessings : )

  12. Alina, you have the most lovely garden! I always enjoy photos of your garden and the fairies. It makes me feel like I'm right there enjoying tea nd listening to the fountains!

  13. The Solstice was magic here... I was able to sit in a garden and enjoy the night... not as spectacular as the photos, but still enchanting. Ciao

  14. Alina... wait for me! Oh me too, I'm taking off my shoes to join you and all the fairies... I can already see the magical circles in the distance, we'll have a blast, we'll make flower-crowns and carry small pouches on our belts with pixie dust and dance under the moon... ;)

    It is always such a pleasure coming here... and good to be with another kindred spirit...

    Hugs and happing wings...


  15. I came by from Kiki.
    Beautiful and spectacular garden.
    Happy summertime. Cheers.

  16. Hi Alina! What a beautiful post! Your garden is soooo lovely. I just fell in love with all your fairies and angels! ...I would love to see your mouse sometime! xo Paulette ;)


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