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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting ready

The past two days have been cloudy and very humid. The air felt thick and heavy. Even the birds seemed to be lethargic! This morning however, the sun came out. All clouds have lifted and there is a sense of urgency. Mother Earth is getting ready for the "big" day.

The fairies in my garden are restless preparing to celebrate the Solstice. They flutter about looking for flowers to adorn their hair.

They play and splash in the fountains

I let them rest on my swing and dream of the day when the sun will shine for what will seem forever.

I too, could feel the tremors... the excitement...so I've rushed to air out my wings. I am undecided as to which I'll wear!

(Image by Weheartit.com)

How about you? Are your wings ready?


  1. I love your fairies. I love your back yard. It looks like a wonderful place to spend your evenings. When I had my magical garden, nights were my favorite time out there.

  2. I love your fairies and enjoyed reading this post! I'm looking to change my career soon so I guess my wings are preparing themselvesxxxx

  3. I personally take great joy in the summer solstice. The irrevocable march to winter begins. Why do I think several seasons ahead? I like the anticipation created in your garden.

  4. I shall be spending the solstice at Stone henge, watching the sun come up through the perfect alignment of the stones and sharing the wonderful experience with many like minded lovers of this mystical place.
    ps I shall be wearing my wings under my cloak :D

  5. Your fairies are gorgeous. Our weather is not. The sun shone at the weekend so we're wondering if maybe that was summer. I cut the grass but didn't find time to tidy weeds.

  6. I love your fairies. How lovely to be a kindred spirit with you. Only a short time and then......magick.
    The Olde Bagg

  7. Wow...super WOW!!! Gorgeous...oh my gosh Alina..your fairies are dazzling and mega-beautiful!!!! I am smitten with them all..!What a super beautiful and inspring post..yay!!Your photos are gorgeous...what a beautiful sacred space! I am flying too! yes my wings are super ready! fantastic post!thanks for making my night spark with magic and beauty!!!

  8. Hi again Alina..I hope you dont mind if i add this beautiful post and your blog to the solstice archive..let me know if that is ok with you! No worries if it isn't! What a delight!!

  9. WOW!! Your blog had me at hello! It is absolutely stunning & I just want to live here.
    Your photos and subjects have totally captured my gypsy heart!!!

  10. Oh I am SOOO ready Alina! Rain rain rain...so tired of the rain. My weeds are rampant in my garden. Your garden fairies are so beautiful. I wish I was there with them in the sunshine!

    Hope you are having a blissful week friend!
    xo Catherine

  11. Beautiful Alina, as usual. I come here just to look when I want to take a little journey outside my own world and you never fail to send me somewhere :)

  12. Mary, I also love the garden at night when everything is still and quiet. XO

    Karen, hope your new career brings you joy! Thank you for stopping by XO

    Paul, the march to winter begins...yes, winter will be here before we know it! When I was younger I used to wish summer would last forever, now that I'm older and wiser (hopefully ;) I enjoy all of the seasons. Happy Solstice!

    Kath, I am so jealous! To spend that day at Stonehenge...only in my dreams! Have a wonderful time and please tell us all about it! XO

    Shelia, sorry to hear about your not so great weather. Hopefully things will clear up in time for the "big" day :0) XO

    Linda, I've just visited your Blog and saw your tutorial to make those super cute fairies. Kindred spirits? We definitely are! XO

    Kiki, the fact that someone as talented as yourself likes my humble attempts at photography makes my heart aflutter :0) thank you! No need to ask, just link to your heart's desire! Thank you for everything XO

    Hello Susan and welcome! So glad you like my Caravan. Please come back soon and stay as long as you like XO

    Catherine, sorry to hear about your wet weather forecast. Hang in there my sweet friend! Just keep busy taking more wonderful photos XO

    Cate, thank you. You too manage to send me places full of laughter and light. Cheers my "nutty" wonderful friend! XO

  13. Alina! You have taken my breath away! I want to come sit in your garden wearing my fairy wings...yes indeed, I think you are a fairy x

  14. Hi Alina..yay thankyou! I added it to my latest post!Thankyou again..such a beautiful series of photos...they are spectacular..and carry much magic!
    I am with you!!.. actually I too..don't know the ins and outs of all this stuff..or what liking actually means... so i just add the link of the actual post to my post to share with others.I have such a learning curve to conquer! But hey..i am just having fun! Thankyou again for your generous spirit and sharing your magic!

  15. Of course, I love your fairies and your backyard looks like such a pleasant, beautiful, sheltered space to enjoy cool(er) evenings. Do you, perchance, remember my post with the open front door and the words, "Summer, the door is open. Come on in!"? WELL, it has been absolutely freezing since then. Raw and cold and rainy. Happily, I like cold summers - it's a luxury after living in same ol', same ol' sunny CA for so long! Bring on the weather! However, we've had the wood stove going several times this past week.... The point is, cooler, summer evenings, do they exist?

    I have to think about the wings. I think that sometimes, I am always wearing them and don't take them off!

    Love to you, friend! ~me xo

  16. Hi Alina! I love all the fairies in your garden, and love the fairy on your swing. The fabric on your swing is beautiful, it makes me want to "rethink" mine. Have a lovely day!

  17. Dear Alina

    Sorry I haven't visited you recently but I have just had a magical catch up with life here at the Purple Caravan. I see that you have a purple shed - excellent! I love the fairies in your garden and the wonderful photos. It's lovely to come here and be carried away to another place by your fairy wings!

    Enjoy the summer solstice my friend.


  18. Ahhhhh, I'm in love! ;) I love love those fairies... where do you find them? They're just so magical.... I can never tired of having another fairy in my garden.... enjoy yours, they're lovely!


  19. yes I cant believe the Summer Solstice is upon us.... where has the time gone. The weather here is absolutely fantastic, glorious sun, with a slight breeze. Hope you are well and the fairies are behaving themselves.... Ciao

  20. Hi! I located your blog via Kiki...your post is beautiful. I ADORE fairies and your yard looks magical. Happy Summer Solstice to you! I'll be back!

  21. Hi there! I too found you through Kiki!
    Beautiful blog and wonderful post.
    My wings are ready!


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