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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Cotton Candy Break

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Deep within my childhood memories, and as if held by magic, invisible threads, summer and cotton candy are woven tightly together. I used to watch mesmerized as the colored sugar spun around and around and became a fluffly cloud. I truly thought the candy man was a magician. I also believed cotton candy was fairy food.

Walking along the boardwalk, holding my father's hand, the warm breeze playing with my hair, the sand between my toes, the tingling in my sun kissed shoulders,  carefully guarding the tin red bucket full of the pretty shells I had collected to later display on my window sill. Those distinctive smells and sounds of a typical summer day,  free of worries,  free from school. Times when the only major decision was to choose between cotton candy or candy apple (another favorite!)

Just like I can't think of hot apple cider during the summer, I can't think of cotton candy during the winter, but the minute July comes around I can't wait to get lost in that wonderful pink cloud and be transported to those wonderful days...

Speaking of wonderful days and special things, my dear friend Katy, who shines in her very own Sunny Spot has given me the "This Blog is Charming" Award:

Thank you Katy!  Your friendship truly is a blessing and I really mean it when I say you are like a breath of fresh air :0)

This Award requires that I share some things about myself. So, here it goes:

1- I always get out of bed stepping on my right foot (no comments...:0)

2- I love  dragonflies but am afraid to touch them.

3- I LOVE to dance.

4- I hate to exercise (hence the "pouch")

5- I love train rides.

6- I rode the Maid of the Mist (the steamship that goes "under" Niagara Falls) but now the mere thought of that makes me cringe with horror (do you get the impression I did this when I was VERY young and fearless?)

7- I am obsessed with fairy lights and they are EVERYWHERE in my house and garden.

Lastly, and here's the worst part... I must choose and pass it on! It is quite agonizing but rules are rules, so here I go. I pass this Award to:

Karen, the lovely creator of Sitting Oh So Pretty. This little lady never fails to make smile with her stories about the world she shares with her beloved Mister Darcy and Master Darcy :0) 

and to:

Abril, another lovely lady who lives in beautiful, sunny Spain and has a wonderful blog called "El Apartamento en Paris" (don't be fooled by the name... she does live in Spain :0) Abril is an avid fan of Hollywood as well as a very talented artist.

Wishing you all a beautiful "Cotton Candy Day"



  1. yay Alina..such a beautiful post! Your post conjures magical memories for me as well..so heartwarming and touching..thanks for sharing!
    Congrats on the award..hooray! and i love the tune playing..fits perfectly!
    thans for sharing yoru magical spirit here always..have a fun wkd!

  2. Hi Alina,
    I hope you are well, dear lady. Your post brought back some beautiful memories for me too. I used to love it when the fair visited town, just to have some candy floss or a toffee apple. Cotton candy is a good name. Do you also call it candy floss in the US?
    Anyway, I do believe it is fairy food and I'm also a fan of fairy lights!:-)
    Congratulations on winning the blog award. You really deserve it.:-)
    It's so good to be back blogging again and reading your magical posts.
    Many fairy blessings.

  3. Magical post Alina! I escaped my winter for a few lovely moments there. I know you said no comments, but I did have a little giggle about you stepping out of bed...sorry. I could sit here and tell you all the little quirks that go on in this house, and then you'd feel positively sane, he he! Fairy lights! Ooh, I love them too! Oh, and dancing...let's dance together in the garden, under the fairy lights...mmmm

  4. A divine post and wonderful sentiments! Cotton candy and fairies, a childhood of love.

    Your words always take me right into your world of beauty and imagination. Thank you :0)

  5. Beautiful, yet again. And you know it IS fairy food, we call it Fairy Floss down under, so you were right :)

  6. Gorgeous post post Alina and thankyou for the award...that is so kind...I feel all emotional..tehe...Glad I make you smile..that is such a lovely feeling knowing that you can bring a smile to someones face..thankyou once again...just like the oscars! hehe...xxx

  7. I was on the candy floss (UK name for it) stall at our school's summer fete this year. I ended up covered in pink fluff and I. Don't. Do. Pink! My daughter couldn't stop laughing at me. xx

  8. Thank you very very much...Alina !:-))
    It is a privilege and pleasure to happen for you beautiful and romantic Purple Caravan..and a luck to know each other !
    Thank for award and your kind words.
    An affectionate hug.
    Un abrazo desde España :-))

  9. I agree, certain food "belong" in certain seasons.
    I enjoyed learning more about you XX

  10. I can almost smell the cotton candy...mmmm....

    While I have no problems touching dragonflies I don't think I could go on that steamship! :(

    Congratulations on your award Alina ~ hope you are having a lovely evening!
    xo Catherine

  11. Hello Alina, your memories have led me to become girl.
    Thank you for sharing them with such magical words.
    Un fuerte beso y abrazo .

  12. Cotton candy is (as others have said) known as Candy floss, here in the UK.

    It has a rather distinctive smell, as well as its appearance, and somehow one is drawn (as if by magic) to the stall...

  13. Hi Alina! Your posts are always so enchanting and beautiful! You brought back some of my own precious memories! Congratulations on your lovely award...you so deserve it! Have a lovely day, and a night lit by oodles of pretty fairy lights! (I love them too!) xo Paulette

  14. HI Alina..yay..thanks for popping into my world..i always love when you do! Hope you are having a fantastic week with lots of mew magic to play with!
    Hugs and Blessings

  15. Alina, this really brought a smile to my face!

  16. And a beautiful cotton candy day to you! What a lovely post & it certainly brings back memories of cotton candy & how whenever I fly I see the clouds on a stick and in amazing colors. Thanks for sharing! Love that you love fireflies but are scared to touch them! Cuz so do I! :)
    Happy weekend to you and I can't wait to live in dream while reading your previous posts that I missed while away.

  17. Alina , beautiful memories, i too look back on things i did when i was younger & wonder how i was ever brave enough lol x

  18. cant remember the last time I had as we call candy floss... hope the renovation of the new home is going well... we miss you. Ciao


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