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Monday, October 4, 2010

Diamond Days

I had a very difficult week. I won't go into details but I will say this: coaxing a cold, wet puppy to go and do "her business" while holding on to an umbrella that seemed to have a life of it's own, while pushing away a poncho that kept slapping my face, was not easy. To make matters worse, once Abby realized there was mud to play with, my struggles took Herculian proportions!

But then, on Friday, after a rainy start, my favorite month arrived in full glory. I ventured out to check the damage made by the storms and was thrilled to find these survivors buried under broken branches and dead leaves:

The incredible light that seemed to come from within each and every branch made it's way into my spirit...

And so I spent Saturday morning re-arranging this...

and that...

and this too...

At the end of every season, I can't help but think on how the wheels of time keep turning and how important it is to live each day to the fullest.

I roamed about the house and felt the power of the sunlight filtering through...

In between changing and arranging I paused for a while and said good-bye to the pretty Summer blooms...

I also said good-bye to this little fairy that sleeps on the foot of my bed from Spring to Summer...

It got a little crazy as boxes were moved about and little witches started to appear...

There was a lot to be done but golden trees were calling...and so was Abby...

My dear friends, I wish you Diamond Days, full of magic sparkles, crunchy leaves, cool, brisk air and above all, a peaceful heart. Happy October! XO


  1. what beautiful photos of your home...looks so magical.. wish i was there. Thank you for sharing Alina. You will get used to the mud, rain with Abby, I suggest you invest in a coat with a hood ( a good warm, rain/snow proof one:) Ciao xx

  2. LOL ~ oh that sweet little Abby ~ so cute! October is so full of rich colors, I wish it lasted longer.

    Happy Week!
    xo Catherine

  3. Alina....what a beautiful and magical post..your home is super inspiring..charming and enchantment lives in every corner!! I love your fairy's and your witch fae..and your gorgeous blue goblets...everything is dazzling..and beautifully decorated..magic!
    YAY..that was super aweseom..lovely words and insights...
    Have a sparkling day..and happy October Kindred!

  4. Hi, dear Alina! I've missed you - this time because I've been the one missing. I've been feeling like a zombie with the early back to school mornings of September. I love the little glimpses into your world - your beautiful home - seeing it the way you see it. You see and love those sunbeams, too, don't you. mmm hmm hmm! The way that light changes and slants is such a wonderful thing.

    Just to state the extreme obvious - but it must be said - your puppy is adorable!!! What a character. I know about that disrupted kitchen thing. Oh, my! It's gotten much better. Happy Autumn!

    Love, Katy

  5. Darling Alina! I feel like we have not spoken in ages - oh, you have a new little baby! Abby is adorable...my wee one has grown like a weed, and I was afraid she would not remember me when I returned from holidays...fear not, she did, thank goodness. I loved the little glimpses into your gorgeous home - especially the little house through the window! And, well, you know I love all your fairies x

  6. Dear Alina~ What a delightful post! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and most charming home with us! I too, find myself nesting this time of year. There is something quite comforting in bringing out those extra throws, a few branches from the great outdoors, bedecking the home with candles and warmer hues.

    I just love your collection of faeries! No matter the time of year, they still work their magic, do they not? ~ Wising you a blissful autumn ... may its colorful kiss leave you breathless ...

  7. Can you come to England and help me decorate my house? :D
    I did smile about your girl, theres a lot to be said for a dog small enough to go in the sink!

  8. Alina, Beautiful shots as always....the puppy, is it a Beagle? !! or a Beagle cross? It looks delightful.....
    p.s. I have a Beagle too..!

  9. ahhh, so much charm and loveliness in your home. witches and the sweet, mischievous puppy! This is such a nice place to visit, I am so glad I stopped by. Thanks for your positive vibes, they do come across the computer ;)

  10. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL friend!!! And your home looks so inviting, like entering into a secret fairy hideaway...I love it!
    You to have a fabulous fall & take in each & evry one of it's blazing colors!!!

  11. Alina!! wanted to pop in..and say thankyou for your sparkly kind words..they mean lot.. I enjoy yoru visits and your beautiful spirit always!!

  12. Beautiful Alina!
    I love all your fairies scattered through your house!
    They make for gorgeous photos!
    And Abby is growing so quickly! Such sweetness!

  13. Hi Alina, I am a bit behind on your posts! I do hope you are feeling better. I love the photos with the sunlight shining through! Isn't it wonderful how the smallest of things can lift our spirits? Today was kind of stressful at work, and when I get home all it usually takes is for one of my kitties to curl up beside me and start to purr. If only I could bottle that purr and take it to work with me! Your home looks so lovely. What is that purple trimmed building outside the window with the sun over the door? Looks neat!

  14. Alina, I see you live in a fairy house!
    Your home is full of magic and very beautiful.
    It sounds like little Abby is full of fairy mischief as well! ;-)
    Autumn does have a special light, with sparkles of gold that shines everywhere.
    It's always great to visit you here!
    Autumn blessings and love.

  15. We have much in common, I live in a magical world of my own creation too.~smile Love the fairies!

  16. Alina... loved seeing all your lovely photographs! And it looks you are having lots of fun these days! ;) Lucky you! Enjoy.


  17. A wonderful potpourri of seasonal blessings.


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