"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Under October's spell

"There is a path that leads to nowhere...
there is a path that leads everywhere...
I follow the path...
and the path follows me..."

Hello dear friends, it's been a while since I last wrote. I am so behind in catching up with everything!  I note that I am becoming more and more impulsive and very prone to let my thoughts meander. Dust bunnies are taking possession and multiplying in many corners of our house and yet here I am, totally lost in my own world!

The days are absolutely too fantastic. It would be a shame to waste them only to perform such banal tasks. The way I see it, no matter what, the dust will wait until I am ready. Don't you agree?

Our beloved country place will be closed in exactly two weeks. I have chosen the paint colors for the walls and have decided on the type of floors (it will seem very long till April gets here!) In the meantime, I have added a lamp I found at a local thrift shop and embellished with a beaded fringe for that romantic gipsy look I love so much.

From the moment we found the place I envisioned "the" lamp for the dining area. After a non-fruitful long search on the internet I found it by pure chance in a delightful shop located in Montclair. It was their last one and it was on sale!

 Meals really do taste so much better under the many colored "gems" that sparkle lending a touch of magic and romance...

Busy decorating with lamps and dealing with poor Abby's ear infection (don't have a clue as to how and where she got it!) but now that she is much better (don't let the puppy eyes fool you :0)

I have been able to find time to play. The lonely country roads covered with golden, crunchy leaves are full of treasures waiting to be discovered... I put on my best hat and set out to find them...

There is something about wearing a hat with a veil, I am suddenly a woman of mystery, in tune with everything around...

Wrapped within a cozy shawl... the witch inside me wakes up slowly...

I play with the fire and wish for good things...

Halloween has come early to the Purple Caravan, I dance and play with the Moon...

After the day breaks, the "witch" inside me goes to sleep, and for now it's just good old me, Abby, and this amazing sunshine...

 May all your leaves be golden and may all your dreams come true ...


  1. Yay Alina...super beautiful post..and so wonderful to see "you" and your beautiful spirit come to life..looove the witchy outfit and captivating photos...you look spectacular...such enchantment shining through each photos...beautiful! Many blessings and sparkles to you sweet kindred!
    Have a most magical day! hugs to Abby!
    PS; LOVE hthat dazzling chandelier..lucky!!

  2. It's great to see you. I've missed you and visiting this lovely blog.

  3. Alina....you have spun a magic web here and it is delightful....poor puppy, I hope all will be well soonest. Gorgeous posting, wonderful picture and fabu to see you and hear from you as well. Linda, The Olde Bagg

  4. Alina! Such beauty and magic here...oh, I do love your chandelier! And that last pic of you and your wee Abby is beyond lovely! If I lived in such a place the dust at my house would be inches thick! Anyway, I tell people the dust just adds an extra layer of interest to everything, hee hee...(killer boots, btw!)

  5. Beautiful post!So sorry to hear Abby is under the weather.

  6. Welcome back friend ~ I have missed you! Dust is just as easy to wipe away when it is 1/2 inch thick or 5 inches thick ~ don't you think? Looks like you are all ready for Halloween. I would like to skip Halloween and move right on to the Christmas decorations please! :)

    I hope sweet Abby gets feeling better soon!

    Hope you are having a happy October dear Alina!
    xo Catherine

  7. so glad your back with us.... I absolutely ADORE the chandelier/light, its so you, very magical. wish I could be there to see it.... give Abby an extra pat from me, hope she is better soon.... Ciao

  8. Lovely to see you in the 'flesh' Alina!

    Just as gorgeous as I thought you'd be :)

    Cute wee puppy!

  9. Oh, Alina, what a magical post! I so adore the "witchy" side of you! I too, love those walks, listening to autumns silence save for the crunch of leaves! Isn't it wonderful and inspiring?!

    I love, love, love, your chandelier!!! The kaleidoscope of colors are GLORIOUS!!! Perfect for that romantic gypsy flair!! ~ All of us here wish Abby the very best ans are so very sorry that she was under the weather... so sad when our furry-footed one's are not well. {{hugs}} to you both!! Continue to enjoy that autumn splendor, my sweet friend!

  10. I absolutely ADORE your dining room chandelier!!! It's just so magical & whimsical!
    Also love the Halloween photos, and all of the fun that came with taking those!
    I, too, have been remiss in blogging. Life is complicated, isn't it?
    Happy Halloween!

  11. Such a magical post Alina, and so lovely to "see" you sweetie x. ps love the gypsy look x x

  12. Love your humor!!! and love the two romantic gypsy like lamps you found for your lovely home... and oh how beautiful is the surroundings of your home, your purple caravan home!!! Beautiful you by the river!!
    muchos cariños
    maria cecilia

  13. Yes, those dust bunnies are known to be prolific breeders. Need a spell to vanquish them.

  14. Oh what tantalising glimpses of the Purple Caravan Alina and so lovely to see you too!

    Enjoy this last week in October.


  15. Magical photographic effects with a recurring motif of purple.

  16. Alina, que post tan bello! Love it! Y tu estas preciosa!

    Te mando un abrazo



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