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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

(Image Source: Weheartit.com)

Here I am, perched upon my broomstick, ready to take off and enjoy my most favorite day...

Here I am, wishing you a magical Halloween. Let those secret wishes soar into the night and may nothing but good vibes sparkle your day!

Happy Halloween my sweet friends!!!


  1. HI Alina..kindred! Beautiful post...wishing you a magical wkd!

  2. Thank you Kiki, ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from you :0) Hugs!

  3. Oh gosh, don't feel bad...I'm so behind in everything too! I love this picture, and I LOVED your last post! Good grief that dining room light is soooo gorgeous, and so are you, sweet Alina...just gorgeous! Hope Abby feels better soon. Have a magical Halloween! xo Paulette

  4. Alina: May your bonfire burn brightly and may the million sparks be your inspiration in the year to come. Blessed be, The Olde Bagg

  5. Wishing you a day filled with wonder and magic.

  6. Darling Alina, first of all I love that pic, and secondly Happy Halloween - even though we don't really get into it here in Australia, you know me, any excuse for dress-ups, so Abby and I will don our costumes, I will decorate, and we will have yummy treats and watch Practical Magic (again)...hope yours is incredible x

  7. Have a wonderful Halloween, Alina!

  8. Enjoy your weekend, and your Halloween! I'm hoping for nice weather to sit in the candle lit courtyard and pass out candy to all the little goblins and witches! Hugs...

  9. Wishing you many fanciful and wonderful flights dear Alina!

  10. Have a magical Halloween Alina!
    I love the witchy woman picture, it's great!
    It is the best time of year for flying high on broomsticks... I hope all your magic wishes come true on Halloween night.
    Ziggy and I will be celebrating around the fire. :-)
    Love to you and Abby.

  11. happy halloween, Alina. Just got lots of sweets for the childrens trick or treat ( if they dont come I'll eat them!)... have a great weekend, dont go too fast on your broom stick:) Ciao xxx

    ps hope Abby is well....

  12. Dearest Alina,
    You are quite possibly the most beautiful witch, outside as well as inside, that I have ever encountered! Enjoy the evening, my friend!

    Wishing you and yours, a most pleasant and enchanting Hallow's Eve ... may the spirits be with you! {{hugs}} P.

  13. Hope you have a happy halloween too Alina!
    xo Catherine

  14. Dear Alina, I am Not Sure how you Feel about these... I have Something for You on my Blog. The Spirit in Which this is Given is Simply Gratitude and friendship.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  15. Hope your Halloween was wonderful! It was a perfect evening, and we even saw some gypsies :)

  16. Thank you everyone for such nice commments and compliments. Paula, thank you for your friendship and for the lovely Award. It really is an honor. Love you all. Hugs!


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