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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The House of Belonging

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We were hit again with another round of snow. What's a girl to do? Well, in my case I am finding solace and refuge in my crafting nook.

Tucked in a corner of our basement is the place where I try to give life to my ideas...

Here I burn incense...


listen to music...

sing out of tune...


 and more...

I am happy in this corner, surrounded by things I cherish...The Beatles...

tiny fairies...

 and meaningful quotes :0)

Because I am so torned between a totally Gypsy-Bohemian style and a romantic, tattered garden look my house is also a bit "divided." I am lucky to have this space  which I can use as a sort of "style lab" while I try to keep a more stable and uniform look upstairs.

It's VERY cold outside, and while Abby rests (LOL, medication makes her so sleepy!)

 I am getting re-acquainted with past projects...

Altered art: fairy with organza wings mounted on oval canvas...

Jewelry made of felt, paper and beads...

An embroidered pillow I made a few years ago when  my children were small and I was absolutely obsessed with Unicorns...

The end of the day finds me lost in reverie, evening falls, ice layers cover the city.  I head upstairs to prepare a light dinner and it occurs to me that:

"This is the bright home
 in which I live
this is where
 I ask
my friends
to come,
this is where I want
to love all the  things
it has taken me so long
to learn to love.

There is no house
 like the house of belonging"
(David Whyte)


  1. I have the same sweet little swinging fairies as you do! So cute aren't they?

    Oh yes, the crafting room is always a wonderful place to spend a snowy day ~ and yours is so nice! Isn't it amazing the time we can spend surrounded by all our creative trinkets to inspire us!

    Happy Sunday Alina!
    xo Catherine

  2. Alina, I so enjoyed seeing your creative space! I saw that insence before you mentioned it in the next photo! I love to burn that stuff. Isn't it wonderful to have a space like this to be surrounded by all of your favorite things? I have been trying to organize my space better...I keep finding more stuff that inspires me! Hope you are staying warm!

  3. Thise first few pics reminded me so much of the shops here in Glastonbury, you would just love them!
    I did enjoy seeing Abby, she has grown, bless her.
    I totally identify with what you said about being torn, my bedroom is a hippy/boho kind of place, (I just bought a large Klimt print on canvass for over my bed) but the rest of the house is more English country home. I like both looks.
    Your home looks eclectic and charming, I know I should like it very much.

  4. Dearest Alina,
    There is no place like the cherished space one can call her own. No matter how large or small, a place to dream, read, create, or rest in quiet slumber for a few stolen moments can truly rejuvenates the soul. Your special place looks entirely magical, and bit like you ... whimsical and oh so soulful.

    I love the second to the last picture, the soft, ethereal, and romantic looking heart. Beautiful! ~ Indeed, Miss Abby does look a bit on the sleepy side... however, she will soon be making up for those recovering hours.:)))

    Alina, your home is so dreamy ... it reminds me so much of a storybook home. One filled with fairies, sprites, and other flights of fancy. But most of all ... there is always a happily ever after!

  5. I love your little nook...so warm and inviting. I'm sure you can't help but be inspired there. The first thing I noticed was your Beatles poster - I LOVE the Beatles...always have, but lately have become reacquainted with them. All of your creations are lovely. And as for decorating - why do you need to separate the two? I believe we should decorate to please ourselves...and just call it eclectic. Your home is beautiful and reflects who you are...I love how Paula describes it - it is indeed a storybook home x

  6. So much to enjoy in your crafting nook my dear Alina, and sooooo lovely to refuge in there with all that snow... and your projects are wonderful.
    I need a space like yours, maybe a wintergarden....

  7. I loved my visit this evening. In a day when everyone seems to be downsizing their homes, giving up possessions, throwing out what they absolutley haven't used in the last week :), it is so reassuring to find another who cherishes their past loves. The pieces that they have weaved their majic into; their past days of happiness, laughter, sorrow, perhaps. But, these things, even if they are dusty and tattered are pleasures of the heart. Thank you, Alina, for this reminder. It is nice to see Abby resting. Peace. Brianne

  8. Alina, your 'space' looks magical.... so you love the Beatles, I only live 20 mins from Liverpool. When i go next time I will take some photos and send them to you. Keep warm. Hugs xxx

  9. Alina...WOW...your creations are beautifully inspiring...you are so talented..yay I love when you share your magical world and beautiful spaces...you are wonderfully creative and your home exudes enchantment!!GORGEOUS!

    Yay..this was super uplifting...thankyou for sharing your world..you have added a bright sparkle to my day!! I love everything you have shared!! Shine on!

  10. It's so fun to get a peek into your sweet and cozy home! (Hope you don't mind me calling it "sweet" but I was kina Oooo-ing and squeaking.=]) I wish that I had a craft corner. There's one room in our house that we haven't "claimed", yet. It's full of boxes and the extras that don't have a place until we move things around and build closets. Soon! That's where my project space will go!

    The photo of Abby is SO cute!


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