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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A silver kind of day

It's a silver kind of day, the whole world seems to be bathed in an ethereal light.

Certain corners of the house reflect the color of ice, rain, and snow, and everything seems to shimmer.

While others fight to retain the golden shades of past sunny days...

It's very quiet here, more than usual. I am trying to keep busy and not think about my dear, sweet Abby who is getting spayed today...

I can't wait for her to be okay so we can play in the snow!

Sending you hugs and many wishes for a happy day.


  1. Magical pics of your beautiful home - I love your fairy...sending hugs for little Abby - we had Pip spayed just before Christmas and she was sad for a bit, but we gave her extra cuddles (she hated having the bucket on her head and the poor little darling couldn't fit out her doggy door with it on!) But she is all recovered now, and very happy. I hope that you are well x

  2. Dearest Alina ... only you can capture the essence of silvered days so eloquently. I love, love, love your sitting faery ... for she is simply divine!!! Wherever did you find such an exquisite piece??

    Abby will be just fine ... and in her growing years, so much happier and healthier that you relieved her of her seasons. I know you must miss her greatly though ... alas, she will soon be home wagging her tail behind her and full of loving kisses!

    Enjoy the ethereal beauty that surrounds you, my friend ... warmest hugs, P.

  3. You have so many pretty things in your home Alina. It must bring you such joy to be surrounded by such loveliness!

    Hoping sweet Abby makes out well!
    xo Catherine

  4. I am sure Abby will be happy to see you again and hope she mends quickly!

  5. My word. That picture of the fairy sat on the stool is so lifelike that it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and sent a cold shiver down my spine...

    I'm not saying I don't like it, just that it made me jump when it popped up on my screen.

    Its a remarkable item actually. Is it your favourite piece....?

  6. I adore your fairy with the pearls, could do with her here to clean the house!!!!! or sprinkle some magic dust! By now Abby should be home safe, she will be 'right as reign' as quick as a win, it will be you who will suffer more:) Hugs xxxx

  7. Dear Tina, yes, the bucket on the head is a "big no-no" with Abby too :0) Glad you enjoy seeing a big of my home. Happy Anniversary! XO

    Dear Paula, I found this fairy at a local supermarket but it's also sold at www.efairies.com. The bench I bought separately at a discount store. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet compliments. Hugs! Note:- the fairy doesn' come with the necklace, it was just my own addition.

    Dear Catherine, thank you! Abby is doing a lot better XO

    Dear Rebecca, it was great to bring Abby home and pamper her back to health. Thank you XO

    TGR, you are right, this fairy is VERY detailed. Ironically, it's actually the least expensive one in my collection. She certainly is one of my favorites!

    Dear Olive, yes, Abby is back and doing terrific. I'm afraid my fairy with the pearls is not very good at housework, the two of us spend countless hours daydreaming and ignoring the "non-fairy dust" that seems to multiply by the minute :0) I've just been to your place and absolutely LOVED the paper with the purple leaves! XO

  8. Woah!!! Super wow Alina...these photos are pure ART!! I am so captivated by the beautiful essence they are carrying and emenating at the same time!! MAGICAL!
    Thanks for this gorgeous spellbinding post..your space is peacefully-enchanting..how i wish we lived near one another..Id love to have tea with you sister!!
    HUgs to Abby...she will be all sparkly real soon!
    Hugs and have afabulous day!!

  9. Hi, Alina. I see you quietly stopped by. Thank you for your soulful comments. You have noticed that I had to love your gypsy wagon as much as you. My mother is Hungarian (and a little gypsy) so there is in me a wanderlust always and a wagon with such colorful paintings and tapestry is the ticket. I am so happy to see that Abby is well. She is such a sweet little girl. Rest and cuddling should be the prescription. Peace to all this weekend. Brianne

  10. Todo tan lindo en tu lugar demasiado acogedor, Alina!!! cada detalle es precioso y con esa luz se ve más lindo áun.
    Abby está mucho más adulta, hermosa!!!!

  11. Dear Alina,
    Your beautiful home is truly magical. I love your fairy statue. She is amazing! :-)
    I am sure she could come alive at night when it's a full moon.
    Give Abby a big hug from me. I know it is a worry when we have to take our pet's to the vet.
    Abby has grown into a sweet little girl. I love the photo of her in the snow wearing a little jumper. :-)
    You are in my thoughts my friend.
    Jo. xx

  12. Dear Kiki, I too wish we'd lived closer. Sharing a cup of tea would be so nice! Thank you for liking my photos/home. Your opinion is highly esteemed, you are such an artist! Abby and I send you big hugs and wishes for a magical weekend XO

    Dear Brianne, I can tell we are kindred spirits, no doubt about it. I am not aware of any Gypsy heritage in my family but I am sure that someone, somehow has a lot to do with how I am and how I feel. It sure has been great to meet you! XO

    Querida Maria Cecilia,
    Gracias por tu visita y por tus lindas palabras. Un abrazo! XO

    Dear Jo,
    How lovely to imagine my fairy comes alive on full moon nights. Thank you for the vision! Both Abby and I send you a BIG hug and wishes for a super magical weekend XO

  13. Dear Alina,

    I just want to whisper that I was here. Best wishes, friend, after reading your last two posts and thanks for reminding me about how soothing January can be.

    Love, Me xo

    I was looking at the roads and remembering that you love the puddles in them, when they're muddy, too! =]

  14. Dear Katy, LOL, yes, I do love puddles :0) Thank you for stopping by and for always making me smile XO

  15. And, here I am, again, Alina! I love silvery, mutedly glowing days, too! You just know that I just know what you mean! =] I really do see it - you showed it and spoke it so well.

    Thanks for posting all of this so that I could come and be refreshed and, oh, so happy to visit, this morning!

    Love and hug and a kiss, Katy


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