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Friday, March 25, 2011

A month to remember

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March did turn out to be quite an interesting month, not only weather wise (we've had very warm days as well as snow)  but also full of important events. My mother's passing, an incredible full moon,  frantic planning to re-open the Purple Caravan and begin the renovations/additions, and now to make this month even more memorable, our dear, sweet daughter Adriana is engaged! 

Adriana met Mitch while they were both attending the university. After five years of being inseparable he finally "popped" the question. The wedding will be October 7, 2012. We couldn't be happier for them, we truly believe they are great together.

A wedding on the horizon and already our home's energy has changed. Tons of magazines are already piling up, lists and plans are being made. We are hoping to find (soon) what we feel are the most difficult: the banquet hall and of course, the gown. Needless to say, we will be busy for a while.

My dear Abby can feel the excitement and is acting "nuttier" than usual, but she is a good girl and has patiently allowed me to take this photo sporting her new Spring bonnet :0) I love her!

Due to all these events I had been unable to thank my dear friend Rosa Phoenix for giving me this:

Thank you Rosa!!

According to the rules of this Award I must share seven things about myself.
Here they go:

1- I can't stand people who constantly praise themselves.

2- When amongst strangers, I may seem a bit aloof.

3- I never really knew the love one can feel for a dog until I got Abby. I had heard about it but the actual experience can't be described!

4- I love the sound of water, whether it's a fountain, a bubbling brook, or rain falling on a tin roof.

5- I adore foggy days. Give me fog and all at once I feel am a mystical creature, mysterious and elusive :0)

6- I love, love Peter Sellers. No matter how many times I watch his movies I will laugh until my sides hurt.

7- I am not interested in celebrities or their lifestyle, nor do I care about designer names or tags at all.

 Answering seven questions is easy, the tricky part is choosing who will get it next! So, as I've done in the past, I dedicate this Award to everyone. Your Blogs are not only Stylish, but they are simply perfect. So, please don't be shy, just grab the button, have fun, and pass it on! After all, that's what Blogging is all about, right?

I must go now, have a hairdresser's appointment  (I hate sitting there but one must pay the price of beauty :=)

Love and light, always...


  1. It's almost as if I am reading about myself. First, you like and admit to 6 of 7 things that would make my list. Don't much care for Peter. Second. My dogs are sometimes much nicer to me than anyone else. I love them tons and bunches.
    Third, I am happy for you and your family and the engagement. Such exciting news. Been there.
    And fourth. I love your blog. Big time.

  2. Alina~ ***My heart sends loving thoughts to you for the the loss of your mother. Words cannot express...*** Your dear Abby is priceless. I'm sure she makes your days wonderful. Thanks for dropping by with your sweet thoughts. It's nice having a fairy friend. *smile* Happy Weekend and Happy Spring! Love~Mandy

  3. I felt bad about not mentioning your Mom. I hope you are OK.

  4. Congratulations to Adriana and Mitch. Clearly lots to do over the next few months. Hope all goes well.

    As for Peter Sellers, I'm never too sure if I'm chuckling at himself or just the brilliantly comic ideas like the "Lee Kee Boatyard" when I watch his films...

    I think Leslie Nielsen is (or was) funnier, because he delivers every line in such a deadpan way. Peter Sellers never really mastered deadpan to that same degree.

    Perhaps it is because we can see that he's always on the edge of exploding into uncontrolled fits of laughter that ultimately makes Sellers funny...?

  5. Abby is truly adorable. I love her in her little Easter bonnet.

  6. what great news Alina.... you will have to keep us in the loop with wedding plans. hugs xxx

  7. Well I hope Abbie will have her own wedding outfit :-D
    Congratulations to you all, how exciting!

  8. Oh Alina, what wonderful news about your daughter! How exciting for you all....and Abby looks simply beautiful in her bonnet (hee hee). I love your list of things, in fact I could have written it myself! I have seen "The Party" so many times, and it still makes me laugh - birdy num num...

  9. Yay Alina..congrats on such happy news!! Wonderful about your daughter..hooray!! and how cute is Abby....i totally laughed out loud that was so adorable!! Quite a month for you...hugs ..you are an amaing spirit!
    and yay....we are kindreds....i too love FOG...i am mesmerized by it...it is just beautiful! Thanks for this beautiful post and all that you share!!
    Happy Wkd my shining friend!

  10. p.s did your pressie arrive? hugs xxx

  11. Sweet Alina,
    So sorry for your loss, there are no words. What a roller coaster. Now the exciting news of the engagement! So happy for you and your daughter!

  12. Many congratulations to the happy couple! A wedding to plan - exciting and frantic all at the same time!

    Abby looks very sweet in her new bonnet!

    Have a great week Alina.


  13. Dearest Alina,
    Congratulations on your daughters engagement! A bit of jubilant joy amidst the sadness does lift the spirits greatly. I am so very happy for all of you! Abby too! :) May the days ahead be filled with much light and effervescentness, my friend!

  14. I hope the purple caravan renovations go well. It sounds like an exciting time for you in the near future... Congrats on your daughters engagement and wedding. I'm sure it will be a beautiful day for the family.
    All best wishes to you and the happy couple. xxx

    I have to say that Abby looks very fine in her spring bonnet. She is adorable! ;-)

  15. Lovely blog,beautiful images........and Abby looks so sweet in her spring finery.

    Best wishes!

  16. Querida Alina, muchas, muchas felicitaciones por el compromiso de Adriana, qué gran felicidad para ambas!!!!! Y ya imagino que en tu blog aparecerán muchas ideas de vestidos y bodas que iremos disfrutando dentro de tus elecciones, será muy entretenido y nos servirán para todas las que aún no hemos vivido esta experiencia.

    Gracias por compartir más sobre ti, me hiciste recordar cuánto me gustaba estar en medio de la neblina y hace tantos años que no hay una por aquí. Y me encanta que hayas descubierto con tu preciosa Abby (quien luce encantadora con su sombrerito) el amor por los animales.
    Te envío un abrazo cariñoso


Albert Schweitzer said "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit" I thank you all!