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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Belated Wishes

My wishes for a Happy Halloween for you, my magical friends, is a bit late. We were part of the many thousands without electric power. For almost 48 hours we suffered the damp kind of cold that while it's not freezing, will chill every bone. I have to add my voice to the many who claim  never to have seen anything like this in October. Saturday morning this was the view from my window

Autum leaves shining brightly under the soft falling snow...

No one, not even the fairies or the jack-o-lanterns could have imagined the surprise Mother Nature had in store...

The day went by quietly, but towards evening the terrible sound of the cracking branches filled the air. One by one they started to fall. Standing by my window I watched helplessly...

Morning came and we were able to step outside. It was hard to take it all in. Even Abby seemed to be taken aback by the chaos and destruction...

Tears were shed, but we were okay and that's what really mattered. Needless to say Halloween Day was a bit strange but with our precious, dear Abby, who can stay sad? She was a trooper and allowed me to dress her up. She even posed patiently for the photographs!

Such a good little witch! LOL

And so, this is it for now.  Please accept my belated, but very heartfelt wishes for a Happy Halloween. May the season's magic continue to be yours!


  1. Hi Alina.
    Its so nice to see you blogging again, and some great photo's too.

    I thought of you and your followers this afternoon, when I listened to this BBC Radio 4 programme entitled Away with the fairies.

    Click on the link if you'd like to listen too. Its only online for seven days, so best to download it and save it, if you want to keep it.

  2. Many blogger friends have been affected by the snow lately. We live in Southern California, so we don't see much of the snow unless you get high in the mountains. It is always so beautiful to me. Stay safe and warm. Oh, that Abby looks so cute, I want to hug her!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. My area was hit by the storm also, we lost power for two days, we were lucky, some are still without it. Your Abby certainly is a trooper, I wish my Bell would stay still long enough for me to get a good photo of her, I have lots of ghostly looking images though.lol
    Your photos are beautiful, I managed to get some magical ones as well, Mother Nature always leaves some goodness.

  4. Wow Alina..hugs my friend..what a storm..glad you are all aok!! Hugs and hugs!
    Yes..ha ha...how you can not smile with adorable little Abby..what an enchantress..she looks spectacular...what a charmer!
    Your photos are stunning and gorgeous! I also love that cool oval-window photo effect..awesome!
    Yay..so happy when you blog..I so enjoy your magical world!
    and thankyou for lighting up my heart with your beautiful kinds words...you are an amazing soul my kindred friend!
    Wishing you bright sparkling magic this season!

  5. Oh my! Glad you're all safe and sound. Wonderful photographs. Abby looks simply delicious in her witches hat!

    Wishing you a magical season too, Alina!

  6. I'm glad you made it through your power outage ~ not fun!

    We have predictions of snow for tonight and tomorrow. I hope it does not stay. :(

    Happy weekend Alina!
    xo Catherine

  7. Samhain blessings to you and yours, dear Alina!

  8. Hi Alina! It was a terrible - and unexpected - storm. I'm in New Hamspshire, and we got hit pretty badly, too, but I was fortunate to not lose power at all. My grandparents in Massachusetts were out for six days, though - glad it's over!

    Your photos are beautiful....


  9. hi there...... glad you're back with us. At least you are safe and sound, just take care. xxxx

  10. Hi Alina~ So nice to visit with you. So sorry you had to experience power outages and icy trees (we get very upset over damage to our trees, too!). Your snow fairy pictures are stunning, and Abby is priceless. I love your pictures. Thanks for always stopping by to see me. I have thought of you many times and hope your heart is doing well with the loss of your mom. Love and fall wishes... ~Mandy

  11. Hi Alina, happy to hear you are ok. Cute Halloween costume for Abby!

  12. Dear Alina, glad to hear you are all OK (and sorry for the delay in this comment!)

    Hope all is well now.


  13. Love the AS quote...so very true...Love your blog and especially the pictures of your garden...Abby is a riot ...:)
    Looking forward to reading more!!

    Peace, Linda

  14. So glad you are safe & sound. Poor tree though. Abby is such a sweetie in that hat x

  15. I love your blog, I like your posts and I am crazy about your template, your fonts, please can you please tell me where could I find similar templates? I'd very much appreciate, kisses and congrats


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