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Thursday, January 24, 2013

On a Winter Afternoon

(Image Source: Bing)

There's a party outside my window. 'Local Wind' has company. She dances hand in hand with 'Arctic Blast' and 'Frosty Spell'... 

Inside our home everything feels warm and cozy. Chairs look more inviting. They seem to whisper promises filled with sweet silence...

As the wind howls I go round sorting, updating, organizing. These are my days to do what is usually done during the Spring but I know that once the weather gets warmer I will not be able to concentrate. 

 I keep a mental countdown. Only 54 days for Spring to arrive and for another cycle to start.  In the meantime RED continues to dominate and fascinate me and so does this new painting I stumbled upon. 

Red is here....

and here

Valentine Day has arrived early and red hearts are everywhere

Standing by my window I watch the three winter ladies dance away and I dream of the coming season when their heads will wear flowery crowns...

May you find the magic of these Winter days... XO


  1. Another delightful post, accompanied as always with a generous sprinkling of photographs!

    Take care and stay warm, Alina :) xx

  2. Alina,
    I feel so connected to you. Do you know what? I've been sorting, updating, organizing too, kind of like spring cleaning, but doing it earlier. I love all your Valentines, especially the heart angel. And that painting is gorgeous! I have one very similar to it that is hanging in my bedroom, and she is dancing with a fan too. I love the first picture. It reminds me of me and the girls. What a wonderful post this is today. I see you like Valentine's Day as much as I do.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Delightful views of your home Alina..

  4. How lovely that sculpture is!

    I too adore red and have lots of it in my home. My sofas are red and my bedroom walls are crushed raspberry. Its such a cosy warm colour. Just right for grey little England xx

  5. Your home is just beautiful! I tend to feel this time of year is like a spring clean up-rearrange things-freshen up time too! A bit of red is just the thing! I think I will seek out some red tulips today. Donna:)

  6. I love your home Alina and you photograph it so well on your blog. I love the colour red especially when its got a french grey background. Just lovely lovely words and photos. Karen x

  7. Wowness Alina..I am so dazzled by all the gorgeous reds..wines..ruby hues...everything is magical and decadent..romantic and enchanting! Your magic touch is full of charm! How i love your wingback chair..gorgeous fabric..and your ornate frames and doily's..beautiful! Lovely heart pillows too..you are such a creatrix! Thanks for sparking my soul with this charming post! i love reds too! If only we were neighbours!! What fun that would be!
    HUgs and blessings..yes..come on Spring!

  8. Dearest Alina, so lovely to hear from you again. What a beautiful post. Hard to imagine the cold while here in Australia we are enjoying a lovely summer. I absolutely adore that painting - so beautiful. It always looks so cosy and inviting in the Purple Caravan. Blessings to you my friend x

  9. Alina, you are so smart to be doing all these indoor tasks now.. you are so much ahead of the game. take care!

  10. Bright colours to wake up dark days...... there can never be enough colour in this world for me. Love your creatures around your gorgeous house. I've been doing some sorting and changing in my home, so perhaps there is a reason to be doing this earlier this year? may be there are other surprises for us? cant wait to find out. hugs Olive xxx

  11. All of the red is very cheery, indeed. Alina, I love that chair!!! It's so inviting.... I know this is silly but... it's like good things are going to happen if one sits there! ;)

    It's blowing, here, too - as if it's March! I keep telling myself that once spring gets here, I won't have as much time for indoor projects. It's time to enjoy inside - NOW! But I'm spending an awful lot of time daydreaming, instead... daydreaming of seeds and gardens and picnics - tut, tut! =]

    Well, I wish you (and I) a sense of cozy home and that we spend this wonderfully hermity, inward time very well so that we're 'just right' when spring comes. =]

    Lots of smiles as always! xxo

  12. Dear Alina, your caravan looks so cozy, warm and inviting, and the touches of red are romantic! What a beautiful snow scene outside your window! I love your style, it's beautiful. I like to visit your blog, it is so inspiring and serene.


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