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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let it snow

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Every Winter when it snows, just like clockwork I get emails from my cousins in Florida: "Are you guys okay?" "Its nice and warm here in South Florida." "We love you, keep dry and warm." It makes me want to laugh. I am touched by the concern but I don't think they realize that it really IS okay. True, snow makes everything slower and sloppier. Roads can get slippery and treacherous. Power may go. Shoveling is no fun but  only the people that live in places where the four seasons happen can truly appreciate the change of each one. There is no bigger thrill than that found when snow melts and days get longer and tiny green buds pop up from the soil. The anticipation of wearing flip flops and shorts, the vacation planning, the thrill of an open window, the smell of Autumn leaves. All that and more is worth all the shoveling, at least in my humble opinion :0) I have lived in places where it's always Summer but I would NEVER go back. 

We were hit by the first snow storm of 2014. Limbs ache from the cleaning but we are warm, cozy and dry. A nice glass of wine, a good book, dim lights and I say: "Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow..."


  1. yes I agree, I love the seasons, each one bringing it's own beauty. Little Abby looks just gorgeous, she has grown into a beautiful little dog xx

  2. Oh Alina,
    I will take some of your snow any time. I do live in a place where I get all the four seasons, and I love each one so much. As you said, you really can appreciate the next one coming after the other. It's very cold here in the winter, but I don't see the snow as much as I'd like, so I appreciate your pictures so much.........especially that little doggy.

    Enjoy your wine, your book, and your snow. I think it is truly a gift.


  3. I'm dreaming of a white 'Twelfth Night' doesn't have quite the same ring to it....

    Hope the snow isn't as bad as the media on this side of the pond is predicting, but here's hoping you stay warm & safe and enjoy it whilst it lasts...!

  4. You have a wonderful way of looking at it and I agree about living in the 4 seasons. the anticipation of each is a thrill. Take care.

  5. I'm so glad you visiting my blog, thus inspiring me to enjoy revisiting yours :) I'm really enjoying catching up on your images and words.


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