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Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreaming in color and other differences

I never gave much thought to the fact that I dream in color. Actually, I thought everyone else did until just recently when someone brought up the subject and I learned many people don't.  There are many theories and studies that indicate that most men dream in black and white, and most women dream in color. The debate gets heated when some experts affirm everyone dreams in black and white while others affirm the opposite. 

Intrigued by the subject, I was surprised to learn that my husband and son have dreams they describe as "short and flitting" and always in black and white. On the other hand, my daughter and I dream long, detailed, colorful dreams which my husband says could be "scenes from a novel."

These differences bring me to another subject and am sure all ladies will agree that, from the highest business executive to the most humble of laborers men share the innability to find "things." The socks are there neatly folded in the drawer, the butter is in it's proper place in the fridge, the corkscrew is laying right next to the bottle of wine and you will get the famous: "Honey, I can't find it!"

I wonder...perhaps the part in a woman's brain that makes them dream in color is also the compass to help expertly navigate drawers and cupboards...

What do you think? Do you dream in color?


  1. Interesting. I remember waking up suddenly a few months ago and being aware that I'd been dreaming in colour. I couldn't tell you what the dream was about, I've forgotten, but as I am normally only aware of images/features/shapes/objects rather than tones/hues/colours I was surprised and that memory stuck with me.

    As for finding things. I'm the exception to the rule. My Mum on the other hand, files everything under DNL, "Do No Lose". Unsurprisingly, she can never find anything when I ask her for it...

  2. I had a dream years ago that made me realise I dream in B+W, but then, perhaps it changes with each dream? It's not something I really notice about my dreams. xx

  3. It goes to show, there is an exception to every rule :0)

  4. Actually, most people (men and women) dream in color.

    People tend to forget the detils of their dreams, though, unless they make an effort to remember them, so they may forget the colors and remember the dream as black and white.

    In general, women are more interested in things like dreams than men, so women would tend to pay more attention to the details of their dreams and would be more likely to remember the colors.

    The way you see in your dreams mirrors the way you see (or have seen) things in waking life.

    For example, people who were blind since birth or became blind when they were very young don't see in their dreams, but people who became blind at a later age do.

    Source: http://www.meaningofdreams.org

  5. Yes, I woke up overnight and was aware of dreaming in colour again. Not the glorious technolour of the picture above. I was dreaming about old cars (yes, I know its sad!) specifically an old Morris Marina and a Vauxhall Chevette. I distinctly saw the beige colour that was popular on the Marina in the 1970's and the china blue that was commonly used on the Chevette. It was only those two colours really that I was aware of, i.e. just the bold expanse of colour on each of the cars bodyshells.

    All I otherwise remember is that I didn't buy the Chevette Estate because the floorpan had sagged, either because of overloading or because it had corroded and failed...

    Don't ask me why I had the dream: I've absolutely no idea.

    It might actually have been a nightmare I suppose, buying either of those two old bangers from the 1970's...


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