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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A rose beneath the snow

I like to take a ramble
When the buds begin to swell
And drink from cyrstal waters
Between the crags and rills.
I like the summer sunshine
Of the Golden West
And the crimson leaves in autum
That Nature has encensed.

To the mid winter season
All hail with joyous song
From heaven the feathery flakes
To earth come drifting down
To purify the air we breath
And to fertilize the soil
In every country, village,
City, farm and town.

Home may only be a dug-out
On the mirrored plains
Or a cabin in the woods
At the end of the lane.
But all is a merry homeland
If we keep our fires aglow
And in our pathway we will find roses
Down beneath the snow.

Poem by J.P. Dunn titled The Plains Poems in Kansas
Photo by Weheartit.com

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  1. Beautiful image...so pretty!Wonderful poetry..it is always lovely to visit here! I am so happy your blog is ok now! Yay!Welcome back!


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