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Monday, February 1, 2010

This thing called LOVE

I did not always love St. Valentine's Day. Actually, as a shy young girl it was one of the saddest days of the year. The red hearts, chocolate, and roses were sour reminders of the fact that I had not found my soul mate. I'd spend the day moping, wrapped in the femme fatale aura so typical of the very young and naive. I'd languish by the window convinced I would never be loved...

There was no way for me to know that Cupid had plans for me and had reserved a special golden arrow so sharp, that once it landed it could never be removed. And so, after what seemed like "years" of loneliness, it happened. When the "shooting" occurred I did not notice. The arrow's power was strong but very subtle: I had met my soul mate and did not know it...

On the other hand, my soul mate, smart man that he is, knew it right from the start. So, he did not pay attention to my mixed signals and set out to show me the way. The road to his heart was made of birdsong, shimmering sunsets, gentle rain, fragrant flowers, and silvery moons. It was easy to follow, impossible to avoid...

And so, after years of having found true love I am still amazed at how it happened. I still marvel at how something so important could have started in such simple way. There can be no doubt, life can change in the wink of an eye, in that split second when Cupid aims his golden arrow and hits an unsuspecting heart...

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  1. Hi Alina! I wasn't planning on leaving any comments tonight, I just quickly checked into blogland and your beautiful angel came up in my dashboard, so I scooted on over for a better look. Well, not only did I enjoy this post which is just beautiful, but so is your entire blog, AND you and I share something in common...I'm also a huge Britcom fan! I've been watching them for years! Aren't they just hysterical??? I'm so happy I popped in for a visit tonight! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  2. Hi Paulette! So nice to hear you also love the British humour. There is nothing like it! Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments xxx


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