"I've been letting my mind wonder at night. My thoughts should have a curfew." Am Kidd

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The portrait of a word

If words had faces, what would they "look" like?

Would Joy have golden curls and leave a scent of lilacs in the air?

Would Disdain wear a silk frock fashioned in a strategic way so that when she turns to leave, you can’t help but admire her perfect back?

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When Envy turns green, does it look like this?
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I wonder if Smile really has perfect teeth?

What would Demure wear to a tea party on Saturday afternoon?

Irresistible "is" because of this...
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Beware! Danger ahead!
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A strange Weed has made my garden it's home.

One Enchanted evening...

Glimpses of Motherhood

Come with me and Flyaway...


Imagination meets a new friend
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There is Peace in my heart...

Before I close this post I'd like to say that my allergies are still in full force, I am highly medicated (that might explain and somehow justify this ramdon exploration within the world of words :0) Thank you all for your inquiries and good wishes xxx

Have a beautiful Thursday!


  1. I imagine "Snarl"...as a lifted lip and a quiet growl of displeasure. Some people and animals do a perfect "snarl" face, without any sound at all, but you get their meaning immediately.

  2. Brilliantly Fabulous post..that was a fun inpsiring journey!!...you have charmed my heart! I hope you feel shiny and sparkly real soon Alina..hang in there..(hugs)!

  3. Hi Alina,
    This is such a lovely post. Very gentle and thought provoking. The words and images are put together beautifully. Let there be peace in your heart and I hope you feel better soon. Take good care, dear friend.:)

  4. Alina, I just love your posts!!! I come here to be inspired, to be drawn into "thought," and to just relax. On an especially busy day, thank you for drawing me into that zone once again. As I was sitting here reading your post, the third song on your playlist was "My Father's Favorite" from the soundtrack of "Sense and Sensibility." Nothing else can be said, but that this lovely piece by Patrick Doyle is pure inspiration. So, not only did I love your descriptions of the words, but I was reminded how I love the novel, the movie and the music. Now I just have to read it again, watch the movie again, and listen to the piece on my ipod again... Thank you for this lovely morning wake-up!

    I SO relate to the allergy issue. As a child, I lived in misery from spring to fall... but then a change happened following the birth of my oldest son... the allergies calmed down considerably. Though I still have them, they are more manageable, especially living on the coast where the sea breezes wash the pollen out and dump them in the ocean every day. (: And I'm sooo thankful, but always have a huge understanding for anyone dealing with them.

    I know this is a long comment... you've got me going this morning! (: xxxVicki

  5. Dearest Alina,
    This was simply delightful!! The picture..the words..all go hand in hand beautifully.
    Allergies are so vexing! I hope you feel better real soon!! I so enjoy your posts!

  6. What a fun post, Alina! You have such a wonderful way with words AND pictures and pictures and words together - you really do! I love your thoughts! I, also, love the smiley photo and, well, lots of them but I DO love Cary Grant!!!!! =]

    Love, Katy

    I suppose a medicated grog is much much better than sneezing and wheezing and tearing and itching! Hang in there.

  7. Hello Alina,
    I just love the machinations of your mind! You write so freely and beautifully! I particularly love the motherhood picture (however irresistible is pretty wonderful as well). Alina I would love to sent you an email, is there a way to contact you? Thank you for your fun thoughts!

  8. Wonderful collection of photos and such an imaginative and fun post. My sister and I used to play a game when we were kids - which animals resembled certain people!!

    It's always a joy to stop by your lovely blog for something that little bit special. Thank you Alina!

    Hope your allergies leave you soon:-)


  9. Dear Alina, this post really made me smile, very thought provoking & such a beautiful idea too. Such gorgeous images. I do hope you feel a bit better soon.. sending you warmest wishes dear one. ps thank you for your beautiful & understanding words on my post x x x x

  10. Dear Kath, you're right, a snarl can "say" a thousand words :) xx

    Dear Kiki, Jo, Miss Sandra: thank you! xx

    Dear Vicki, I am so glad to know my words can get "you going" :0) I was asthmatic as a child (runs in my family) then it changed into seasonal allergies but I notice they are getting worse as I get older. Oh well, at least we are blessed enough to be able to go to a doctor and get medicine, a privilege denied to so many, right? xx

    Dear Katy, you too have a way with words. So lively, I feel as if you are right here with us in this room! Thank you. Hope the puppies and mother (and bunny) are doing great xx

    Welcome Tricia! I'd love to hear from you! My email address is thepurplecaravan@yahoo.com xx

    Dear Jeanne, you are right, some animals do look like some people. So fun! xx

    Dear Ruthie, thank you for stopping by, you must be so busy! Hope you settle real soon and continue creating all the magic you do xx

    Thank you lovely ladies! XXX

  11. This was so cool! Love your picture and word choices.

  12. I really enjoy the metaphorical aspects of this post. There are so many emotional connections made here about the connotative power of language.

  13. Ah, fantástica entrada!, y perfectas las imágenes... sí, yo las veo tal cual .. ^_^


    Como siempre: lleno de encanto y personalidad tu blog!; lleno de magia. Felicidades

    Un abrazo

  14. A wonderful, inspiring post, Alina. I love your outlook on life!
    Sending you healing wishes and I hope that you are able to overcome the allergies soon.
    Love & bright wishes. xx

  15. I love all the pictures. Especially the baby with the "flyaway" hair! I enjoy our virtual visits Alina!


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